Marois Faces More Referendum Question

Giving yet another ambiguous answer to the question of whether PQ is headed for a referendum after the election, Former Premier Pauline Marois mentioned in a debate on Thursday that “there will be no referendum until Quebecers are ready.” Facing more questions over the statement, Ms. Marois was inquired about the referendum issue on Friday morning, which is a question that Marois has encountered the most in her campaign.

Consequently, Marois again bumped into a bombardment of questions seeking more clarification over the issue on Friday morning. Marois was inquired if she feels afraid to reveal that there will be a referendum since polls have indicated that Quebecers don’t want one, or what time does she think would be appropriate for a referendum, and if she is not ready for a referendum at all why is she talking about it, and so on. In response to such questions, Marois replied that she is only talking about a referendum because Liberal leader, Philippe Couillard, is running a fear campaign. However, the PQ and its own MNA candidates, such as Pierre Karl Peladeau and Jean-Francois Lisée, have openly endorsed and highlighted the importance of an independent Quebec.

Upon inquiry about how does she intends to determine when Quebec is ready for a referendum, Marois replied that “first we will work to reinforce the economy of Quebec, the confidence of Quebecers, about their institutions, about themselves and when it will be the time I think we will be able to see we are ready to take this decision.”

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