Couillard to Reveal His, Wives Financial Holdings

In a surprising move by the Quebec Liberal Party leader, Philippe Couillard, he vowed on Tuesday to publicly reveal all the details of his financial holdings, including those of his wife, before the next televised debate that is due on Thursday. In addition to that, Couillard, also challenged the leaders of other political parties to step and do the same as him.

According to a Liberal insider, Couillard’s declaration was a preventive move in response to attacks by Parti Québécois Leader, Pauline Marois, on his integrity and that of the Liberals under former premier Jean Charest. Even though Mr. Couillard did not take names of any specific leader or their spouse, many journalists and analysts are suspecting that he meant to challenge Marois’s husband, businessman Claude Blanchet, who have previously served as chief executive officer of both the Solidarity Fund of the Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), and the Société générale de financement, i.e. a government-owned holding company.

One of the reporters directly questioned Couillard if he was interested in knowing more about Blanchet’s assets. Answering the question, Couillard replied that “I’m only showing my standards for transparency and asking them to do the same.” Moreover, Couillard continued saying that “they talk a lot about transparency and integrity, a lot of talk. As I said in French, ‘salire pour se faire elire,’ that’s their new motto. So let’s see how they follow up on their own talk.”

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