Conservative MP Fletcher to Table Assisted-Suicide Bills

A backbench Conservative Winnipeg MP who lost the use of his arms and legs almost two decades ago, Steven Fletcher, has revealed to have prepared a legislation that would allow Canadians to have the authority to decide when they want to end their lives. The issue has been repeatedly avoided by the Conservative government to such an extent that several provinces, especially Quebec, chose to step up and formulate their own laws on assisted suicide.

A former parliamentary secretary for health and a former minister of state, Steven Fletcher, is planned to introduce two private member’s bills on Thursday. The first bill will aim to allow doctors to help people to die under a restricted set of circumstances, while the other would set up a commission to monitor the system. Mr. Fletcher has been a quadriplegic since an accident when his car hit a moose in 1996. He has repeatedly spoken in favour of increased options for people to end their own lives, asserting it to be an issue Canadians want to discuss.

Addressing reporters right after leaving a Conservative caucus meeting on Wednesday morning, Fletcher stated that “it would be greeting an opportunity to empower individuals in end-of-life decisions where at present there is no choice.” He explained that “as technology has advanced so much in the last many years, and life expectancies have gone up, there are situations that could not even be imagined even 20 years ago when was the last time the Supreme Court looked at this issue with Sue Rodriguez.”

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