Poll Shows Ontario’s Liberals Had a ‘Good Month’

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

A new poll conducted by The Forum Research has revealed that the Ontarians might be getting more inclined in favor of their Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority government. According to the survey, Wynne’s Liberals had a popularity vote of 35 per cent, while Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives were at 32 per cent, Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats at 25 per cent, and Mike Schreiner’s Green Party was at 7 per cent.

In his concluding remarks, Forum president, Lorne Bozinoff, stated on Wednesday that in short the governing party “had a good month.” The survey was conducted with interactive voice-response phone calls, including a sample of approximately 908 people across Ontario on Monday, results of which were considered accurate to within three percentage points, i.e. 19 times out of 20. In a preceding survey conducted last month, the Tories stood at 35 per cent, the Liberals at 32 per cent, the NDP at 26 per cent and the Greens at 6 per cent.

According to Bozinoff, the results might be a direct reflection of positive coverage after the Liberals’ annual general meeting last weekend, which hosted more than a 1,000 delegates and included a massive campaign-style rally on Saturday. However, he did point out that it might also be the result of Wynne’s promise not to raise taxes on “middle-income” earners. Bozinoff alleged that “if they have a gridlock solution that doesn’t involve taxing their supporters that would be popular,” referring to the premier’s still-unspecified method of bankrolling new transit.

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