Quebec’s Elections Chief Not Preparing for Referendum

Quebec’s Chief Electoral Officer, Jacques Drouin, has completely denied making any comments referenced in the spokesman’s claim that the agency was preparing for a referendum should the Parti Quebecois win a majority on April 7. In his written statement, Jacques Drouin apologized to voters for comments that Denis Dion made to Quebec City’s Le Soleil newspaper.

In the Friday edition of Quebec City daily Le Soleil, it was stated that “be sure of one thing: if the Parti Quebecois is elected to a majority, we’re off,” adding that “it’s clear, clear, clear that there will be plans because it is a huge exercise.” Dion was quoted stating that “we’ll take our summer vacation, but don’t tear your hair out … the boss will move very quickly to prepare for this.” However, Dion’s boss later mentioned in a statement issued on Friday that Dion was completely wrong. The statement on the electoral officer’s website mentioned that “the Chief Electoral Officer finds it regrettable and hereby refutes the remarks made by one of its spokespersons.”

Furthermore, it was added that “the Chief Electoral Officer has no plans or intention whatsoever of preparing for the holding of a referendum in a hypothetical future or according to any timetable whatsoever. ” “The Chief Electoral Officer apologizes to electors and the population for any confusion such comments may have created.” Speaking about his spokesman, Drouin alleged that “of course it’s regrettable,” “Since this morning, I tried to … understand what happened. We’ll sit down with Mr. Dion and we’ll look at it.”

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