Ontario Missing Files Probe Claims Staffer Allowed Access to Hacker

According to their latest findings, Ontario Provincial Police detectives did not find any evidence to suuport the claim that any computers within Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office were accessed as part of an alleged coverup to hide the actual costs of the political decision to cancel gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

Instead, the criminal investigation is now exclusively looking into the prospects of what happened in the final days of Dalton McGuinty’s term in early February 2013, which is around the time when his banker-turned-chief of staff, David Livingston, allegedly enlisted an outsider, his aide’s boyfriend, to access computers using a receptionist’s freshly created super password. The investigation has found that the super password would have allowed the user to do whatever they wanted to do with any computer in the former premier’s office without leaving a footprint behind.

Meanwhile, their political opponents have targeted their accusations on the police allegations that Livingston gave an outsider access to government systems between Feb. 6 and March 20, i.e. a time frame extending into the beginning of Wynne’s term as premier. However, according to the police filing unsealed by an Ottawa judge this week at the request of several media groups, Peter Faist accessed government computers on Feb. 6 and Feb. 7, i.e. days before the new premier took office. According to the investigation, the first hard drive accessed by Faist was that of his girlfriend, Laura Miller, then the deputy chief of staff of communications and strategy.

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