Couillard Gives Agitated Answers to Questions about Saudi Regime

Philippe Couillard gave an agitated answer on Sunday to an attempt by the Parti Québécois to associate him with the cruel practices of the Saudi government. When inquired about Quebecers working for the Saudi government, PQ leader Pauline Marois stated that “I would hope they would never support such a system, but they could at least denounce it” adding that “that wasn’t the case for Mr. Couillard.”

In addition to that, Marois questioned whether Quebecers could trust Couillard to ensure the equality between men and women since he has not strongly denouncing the Saudi regime he once worked for. In response to these serious accusations, Couillard alleged “what foolishness, what foolishness to say something like that.” He stated that “as though there were a Quebecer who finds the customs of that country acceptable. It’s as though someone told you “I’m going to work in Texas” and you say ‘Aha! You’re in favour of the death penalty.’ It’s ridiculous, and it doesn’t warrant an answer.”

Furthermore, reporters inquired Couillard whether his work for the Saudis in some way legitimizes a government known for its history of egregious human rights violations. He replied “what about the thousands of Quebecers and Canadians who work in a similar situation? What about them?” adding that “we have diplomatic relations with that country — unless Madame Marois wants to sever them when she creates her own country? I don’t believe she would though … This is unbelievable.”

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