Police Officer Shoots Canadian Reporter in Afghanistan

A Canadian-born journalist who worked for the Associated Press, 60-year-old Kathy Gannon, was shot in Afghanistan by a police officer in her own security detail while travelling in the Tani district on Friday. Gannon was also accompanied by her friend and German photographer, 48-year-old Anja Niedringhaus, who was shot along with her and could not survive.

Gannon and Niedringhaus were with a convoy of Afghan election workers delivering ballots ahead of Saturday’s presidential elections while under protection of the Afghan National Army and Afghan police. A Canadian reporter with ABC News, Muhammad Lila, revealed that one of the Afghan police commanders who was accompanying them on the journey just turned his weapon on them out of the blue. Reporting from Kabul, Lila revealed that “they were shot point blank, by a policeman who had been with them for most of the day.” It was elucidated that “up until the point where they were shot, there was no indication this policeman had any intention of violence. Suddenly, he walks up to the car as they’re sitting in the back seat, opens fire, shouts ‘God is Great’ in Arabic (‘Allahu Akbar’), and then raises his hands and turns himself in.”

A witness of the shooting and AP Television freelancer reported that Niedringhaus was dead instantly while Gannon was hit twice in each arm. Her husband, Naeem Pasha, explained that she has undergone surgery to remove the bullets and is currently in stable condition. He alleged that “she is in shock, I am told, more by Anja’s passing away than for herself.”

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