Wynne to Spend $150M to Buy New Technology for Classrooms

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has promised to spend more than $150-million in a period of three years, which will be primarily aimed at buying new technology for school classrooms. During the announcement made by the premier on Monday, she proclaims the Liberals as champions of the province’s social safety net, and the best at strengthening government services, ahead of a possible spring election.

While addressing the audience at Toronto seniors’ center, Premier Wynne alleged that “at the core of what we believe is our passion about education and health care, which are the services that keep us healthy, that keep our democracy strong.” She revealed that “that’s what government’s about: you create a society where we can care for each other, … we can provide services and support from before we’re born until we die.” Details about the new spending reveal that it will be used to buy tablets, netbooks and software for schools and also pay for training sessions for teachers in using the new technology.

These technology and education funds are part of a large cash injection the Liberals are anticipated to make in the province’s schools in next month’s budget. Several budget documents leaked to the opposition Progressive Conservatives claim that the Grits are also planning to spend nearly $2-billion to repair schools. In addition to that, the government mentioned in statement issued last week, that it has plans to open four new schools and renovate eight others in Toronto.

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