Toronto’s Mayoral Race: the final 2 weeks

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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Here we are at the final two weeks of campaigning before we cast our ballots for the next mayor of Toronto. Who’s it going to be? The race is changing constantly.
As reported on September 21, Rob Ford: Toronto’s Next Mayor a poll by Nanos Research pegged Ford at 46% and Smitherman his next closest rival at 21%. At that moment, it looked like the race was going to be a landslide.
On September 28, we reported in the article Rob Ford: Wait! He’s not a shoo-in? that a new poll by Ipsos-Reid had Ford at 28% and Smitherman at23%.
On that same day, Sarah Thomson dropped out of the race and threw her support behind Smitherman.
October 5 saw Joe Mihevc, city councillor switch his support from Pantalone to Smitherman. Citing Ford’s lead, Mihevc felt the time was not ripe for Pantalone and it was far more important to stop Ford. One could well consider this not so much a vote for Smitherman but a vote against Ford; a vote for the anti-Ford movement.
On October 6, 2010, out-going mayor David Miller threw his support behind Joe Pantalone. A good thing, right? Kelly McParland of The National Post pointed out that one of the reasons Rob Ford is out in front is because he has been steadfastly opposed to the spending of the Miller administration. That is, the public is sick of what’s been going on while Miller has been in office. Consequently, an endorsement by Miller could in effect backfire for Pantalone in that people will not vote for a candidate who is closely linked to someone they don’t like: a vote for Pantalone is a vote for more of the same.
On October 7, former Toronto mayor John Sewell came out to back Smitherman. In doing so, he promised to lead a panel of experts to study how to bring city government closer to city neighbourhoods, to restore transparent, accountable decision-making at City Hall.
On October 11, it was reported that a prominent backer of Rocco Rossi has written a letter to the candidate urging him to drop out of the race because he cannot win. None other than Peter C. Newman, author and journalist has asked Rossi to place the interests of Toronto over his own. Apparently Newman wrote, “We feel certain that you must be as appalled as we are at the prospect of Rob Ford becoming mayor and representing this great city to the world. He is the first dismal evidence of the Tea Party mentality invading Canada. He must be stopped".
As we all celebrate Thanksgiving today in Canada, we need to take a moment and reflect on what happens in 2 weeks and just what we are going to be thankful for on October 11, 2011.
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