Former Premier Stelmach Disappointed on Redford’s Spending

Former Alberta premier, Ed Stelmach, has expressed extreme disappointment over the unbettering news about the highly inappropriate and objectionable spending habits of Alison Redford. Stelmach stated that “it shows that even though there are rules in place there are those that may not follow them.”

According to a report published last week by the Auditor General of Alberta, General Merwan Saher, it was found that Redford and her office had used public resources inappropriately. The report concluded that Ms. Redford used public assets, including aircraft from the provincial fleet, for her personal and partisan purposes. Additionally, Redford was also found guilty in a move to convert space in a public building into personal living space. Saher remarked about the report on Thursday that “when I say not using resources appropriately, I mean not complying with policy not complying with standards and principles, in simple language, [it was] not proper, not right,”

Conclusively, the report highlighted unambiguously that Redford and her office’s expense practices “have fallen short of publicly stated goals” and alleged that an “aura of power around Premier Redford and her office and the perception that the influence of the office should not be questioned.” In response to the news surrounding the scandal and the report, Stelmach stressed that the PC Party needs to move forward. He stated that “it is reflective of one person not the people in government or within the Party,” and “we have to look forward as a province.”

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