Harper Receives Obama’s Calls over Iraq Crisis

U.S. President Barack Obama unexpectedly called Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to discuss the situation about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Iraq.  According to a statement issued by the White House, the two leaders discussed their respective roles in supporting the Iraqi people amid a worsening humanitarian crisis.

The official statement issued by the White House mentioned that “the two leaders agreed to work with other partners in the international community to provide additional, immediate humanitarian assistance, and to continue developing options to secure the safety of the civilians on Mount Sinjar.” Additionally, it was added that “they discussed efforts to counter the threat posed by ISIL [ISIS] against all Iraqis and agreed on the need for Iraqi political leaders from all factions to put aside their differences and to form an inclusive government capable of pulling the country together.” Whereas on the other hand, a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Mr. Harper denounced the “barbaric actions” of the terrorist Islamic State (ISIS) group, while completely support Obama’s decision to authorize airstrikes in northern Iraq. He mentioned that “they agreed on the need to confront the barbaric actions of the terrorist organization ISIS/ISIL and Prime Minister Harper expressed his strong support for U.S. airstrikes against the terrorists as well as ongoing humanitarian relief efforts.”

The statement issued by the prime minister’s office added that “both leaders shared their hope that a new Iraqi government would be able to unite behind an inclusive government to counter the current crisis. They agreed to stay in close contact on this matter.”

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