Chief Bill Reluctant to Accept Councillor Ford’s Apology

Toronto Mayor’s brother and Councillor, Doug Ford, has formally announced to have had apologized “unequivocally” to Chief Bill Blair, however police spokesperson, Mark Pugash, claims that the chief has not yet accepted Councillor Ford’s apology since it was not according to the requirements laid by the chief in a notice of defamation.

Mr. Ford was served a libel notice on Monday evening, which asked him to proclaim a full apology and a retraction agreed by Blair beforehand. Addressing reporters at City Hall on Wednesday, Councillor Ford clearly stated that “I apologize to the chief” and “I retract my statement,” quickly adding that “but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And that was my opinion.” These remarks were issued by the councilor within 48 hours of being served with the notice. Mr. Blair had grilled Ford over him saying that his brother and Mayor Ford’s subpoena in the case against friend Alexander “Sandro” Lisi was “payback” for not having his contract extended by the police board. Additionally, Ford accused Blair of leaking information about the subpoena to the press.

Mr. Pugash confirmed that Mr. Ford called Mr. Blair on Wednesday morning to apologize. However, soon after the apology was reportedly made, Pugash alleged that no statement was officially received by the Chief’s office, and that he was not even aware if Ford had apologized. On the other hand, upon inquiry about the news from Mr. Ford, he replied that “my lawyer’s in the process of doing that.”

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