Liberals Demand RCMP to Protect Trudeaus

Members of Liberal caucus are urging the government to order the RCMP to provide security protection for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his family in light of the recent surprising break-in into the house of Mr. Trudeau over the weekend.

Almost all party MPs convened at their caucus meeting on Monday, where majority were concerned about the personal effect of the break-in on the Trudeaus. The party’s public safety critic who was once solicitor-general in a Liberal government, Wayne Easter, mentioned that the Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government should unambiguously instruct the Mounties to provide absolute protection to Trudeau. Mr. Easter mentioned in his remarks that “this is a wake-up call” and “this is a party leader in Canada whose family could be at risk. And as such, given the kind of publicity, the kind of statements that Mr. Trudeau makes, it opens up, I think, threat risks that aren’t normal for a third-party leader.”

In addition to that, Mr. Easter stated that “he is a public figure, he demands huge crowds everywhere he goes. There’s people out there that create a name for themselves doing crazy things … I think it demands the RCMP put in a security detail to ensure Justin and his family are ably protected.” Whereas, Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett alleged that she is worried about Trudeau because “these are toxic times – where people who are unwell find targets. We have learned this weekend that Justin is one of those targets.”

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