Police Suspects West End Apartment Invasion was Targeted

Police have confirmed to be investigating the dramatic home invasion at a West End apartment that resulted in several witnessing a man jumping down from one balcony to another like in movies. It has not been confirmed by the investigators whether that man was the intruder or the victim, however it was confirmed by the authorities that the victim did manage to escape his suite at 1762 Davie Street after it was barged in to around 3:30 p.m.

The police has confirmed that the resident is known to them and that he ran to the nearby Boathouse Restaurant looking for help. It was explained by the general manager, Darrick Wan, that the escapee was injured when he rushed inside and “my hostess came and grabbed me, we came out and saw a guy who was bleeding from his foot.” Wan added that “he told us to call 911, the girls called 911, and the police came.” There is a considerable presence of police outside the scene of the break-in, i.e. less than a block from English Bay, and authorities have temporarily shut down part of Davie Street near the busy Denman Street intersection.

Insp. Les Yeo confirmed that it is possible that several people might be involved and that investigators are talking to witnesses and gathering information to piece together what happened. He explained that “we’re talking to everybody that we either have as potential suspect, or victim, or both.” Yeo added that “we still believe we have some people outstanding.”

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