Ford Says He’s ready to Take Drug Test If Rivals Agree

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has announced to be ready to submit to a drug and alcohol test, but given that other mayoral candidates participate too. Upon inquiry by the reporters at City Hall on Wednesday about whether he would accept rival candidate Sarah Thomson’s challenge for all mayoral hopefuls to take a sobriety test, Mayor Ford stated that “I have no problem doing that.”

Mayor Ford declared himself as “sober as a judge” on Wednesday, but said he would only submit to a sobriety test only if “all the other candidates” also did the same. He stated that “I’ll be the first to do it if everyone else does it,” he said. You’ve got to treat people equally here.” When reminded about his recent trip to rehab after admitting to smoking crack cocaine and having problems with alcohol abuse almost two months ago, Mayor Ford stressed that he was “moving on.” He alleged that “I don’t’ have to sit here and justify it” adding that “everyone knows, you guys know, everyone can see it. I’m as clean as a whistle.”

In addition to asking all other mayoral candidates, the mayor added that all councillors should get tested too, which is an idea he previously rejected at council in the past. He mentioned that “I’m the only one who admitted to it” and “I’m not going to sit here and say ‘I’ll do a drug and alcohol sample’ just for the sake of doing that. I don’t have to prove that.”

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