Centerplate Orders CEO to Donate $100K after Puppy Abusing Video

The CEO of a renowned catering company Centerplate, Des Hague, has been ordered to either donate $100,000 and spend 1,000 hours in community service or risk losing his job, after he was caught on camera abusing a puppy in a Vancouver condo building. The video released earlier this month reportedly showed Hague repeatedly kicking a Doberman pinscher puppy and using a leash to jerk it around inside a downtown Vancouver elevator.

The video’s disclosure prompted Centerplate and the SPCA launch an investigation. It mentioned on Wednesday that Hague’s behaviour was “unacceptable” and noted that he has been placed on an indefinite probation. Centerplate mentioned in an official statement that “any further acts of misconduct would result in immediate termination.” Meanwhile, Centerplate’s board of directors have ordered Hague to serve 1,000 hours of community service at any organization protecting animals and personally donate $100,000 to set up the Sade Foundation, which will support the protection and safety of animals in Vancouver.

Furthermore, the company statement alleged that “the company finds Mr. Hague’s personal behaviour unacceptable and outside the bounds of our high standards and expectations of all of our staff.” It was added that “we do not condone nor can we overlook the mistreatment of animals and Mr. Hague’s personal misconduct.” Moreover, Centerplate added that it will donate a portion of its sales to the Sade Foundation and encourage its employees and the public to donate “in the hope that meaningful change can come out of this tragic situation.”

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