RCMP Confirms to Have Seized Passport of Soldier Attacker Rouleau

RCMP has revealed that the suspected homegrown terrorist responsible for death of one and injury to another Canadian soldiers, Martin Rouleau, had his passport seized by RCMP at the time. It was explained that the Rouleau is suspected to have been frustrated for being refused to travel to join Islamic State and waited for two hours before running his victims down.

Upon inquiry about if Rouleau had become more dangerous because of authorities confiscating his travel document, Commissioner Bob Paulson replied that “certainly that’s what follows from the analysis.” Paulson elucidated that “his passport was seized by us. He was part of our investigative efforts to try and identify those people who might commit the criminal act of travelling abroad for terrorist purposes. So in that respect we were working him along with other suspects.” Furthermore, Paulson admitted that Rouleau was one of the 90 individuals under active RCMP surveillance that were referred to at a parliamentary committee two weeks ago.

Paulson failed to elaborate over how Rouleau was able to pull off his crime, which resulted in death of 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice, Vincent, and injured another soldier. However, he did stress that the RCMP is concerned over whether there are other sympathizers like Rouleau who might be inclined to act as him. He stated that “we don’t suspect that, but we’re open to that and we’re concerned about that so we’re going to pursuing every investigative avenue to satisfy ourselves that we’ve eliminated that possibility.”

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