Residents Support Community after Cold Lake Mosque Vandalized

The vandalizing of Cold Lake Mosque overnight has left many in the community both disturbed and confused about why the incident took place. Many members of the community have expressed support to those hurt by the incident and denounced the act.

Upon arriving at her shop, i.e. next to the mosque, hair stylist Kelly Ross mentioned on Friday morning that “I was heartbroken. It’s just so sad.” Ross works at Danny En Vogue, i.e. right next door to the mosque along 50 Avenue in Cold Lake. She said that “this hits close to home, because everyone around here is like a big family. We all support each other, we know each other, we work together.” Ross alleged that “anything we can do to help out, we told them we would do. We’re there for them and I know so many others are too.”

On behalf of the Cold Lake Mosque administration, Mahmoud El-stated that it was “sad” to see damage to the mosque, but that it was too early to comment in further detail. Mahmoud stated that we’ll be working throughout the day to fix the two broken windows and clean up the spray paint that reads “go home” and “Canada” in red. Meanwhile, Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland also visited the mosque on early Friday morning and offered support and let those affected by the vandalism know the city stands behind them. He said that “I’m extremely disappointed” and “this does not represent the community or its residents. It’s sad and completely unnecessary.”

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