Vice, Rogers to Start Canada TV Network

The visionary-focused news company founded in Montreal, Vice Media Inc., has announced its new joint venture with Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI) to acquire its brash style of programming for Canadian smartphone and TV `viewers.

A joint press statement issued today revealed that the companies have agreed to invest a total C$100 million ($89 million) in the partnership in order to establish the Vice TV network in Canada and produce mobile content. It was decided that a new Toronto studio will be set to start delivering news and entertainment shows in 2015. Now headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Vice is planning its return to Canadian roots in order to pursue its ambition to build a global media empire around hard-hitting documentaries and cheeky videos on lifestyle, culture and arts. Whereas on the other hand, the deal also allows its Toronto-based partner, Rogers, to add the stable of exclusive content for its cable, wireless and Internet users.

Vice Chief Executive Officer, Shane Smith, mentioned during a phone interview that “we’ve always been obsessed with the holy triumvirate of convergence — mobile, TV and online — and programming all three simultaneously.” He added that “Rogers’ power allows us to do that for the first time.” Additionally, Smith alleged that the arrangement in Canada will allow Vice to test out what’s possible in France, Southeast Asia and Italy. He said “we saw a unique opportunity up here to do things you can’t do in many countries because the markets are more fractured.”

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