200 Batteries Stolen from School Buses, Calgary Children Stranded

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Calgary police have announced to be investigating an unexpected theft of more than 200 batteries from 79 school buses, which left hundreds of children waiting in the cold on Monday. Investigators found out that almost 237 batteries were stolen from Southland Transportation’s yard in northeast Calgary.

According to the police, there have never been a robbery of the size or scale, with the value of the stolen goods estimated at $20,000. Staff Sgt. Brad Moore explained that “we’re still looking at all the leads as to why this might have occurred and what the uses of the batteries might have been.” Moore alleged that officers are consulting criminal intelligence and tactical units about a potential link to terrorism, but “nothing comes back as giant flags at this point in time.” Although the theft caused “some major issues” for schoolchildren on Monday morning, all 79 affected buses were back up and running for the afternoon commute home after crews worked frantically to replace the missing batteries.

Assistant general manager for southern Alberta at Southland Transportation, Kyrie Geurts, confirmed that the staff noticed several bus battery doors open after arriving on Monday morning around 5:30 a.m. at the company’s McKnight bus lot. Geurts stated that “it’s a frustration for us, but it’s a serious safety concerns for these kids that are sitting out waiting for these buses to come. Whoever did this is certainty not looking big picture, they’re not realizing hundreds of families — hundreds — are affected by this kind of thing.”

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