Constable Wynn ‘Not Expected To Survive’ Casino Shooting

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Assistant RCMP Commissioner, Marianne Ryan, has revealed in a recent press conference that the officer shot in the head while attempting to arrest a suspect in a casino in St. Albert on Saturday morning, 42-year old Constable David Wynn, is not expected to survive. According to Ryan, Wynn has failed to regain consciousness so far because he was shot in the head at close range.

In addition to Wynn, another 49-year old Auxiliary Constable, Derek Walter Bond, was also in the arm and torso but was released from hospital on Saturday. The suspect fired two shots in the casino when both officers attempted to arrest him during a routine investigation into a stolen vehicle. In his remarks, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said he didn’t find anything wrong with the officers’ approach to the arrest since it “happened in the blink of an eye in a public place.” He stated that “they had no idea who this person was. None whatsoever. There is no way we could expect these officers would know the kind of threat that was walking around inside that casino.”

According to Paulson, the suspected shooter, Shawn Maxwell Rehn, had an extensive criminal history involving “a labyrinth” of firearms and violence charges. He alleged that “I’ve been in policing for 30 years and I’ve not seen the likes of what I’ve seen here.” Paulson stressed that “we need to understand if it was reasonable for this man to be walking around us.”

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