G-20: Police release photos of 18 more suspects

Toronto police have released the photos of 18 more suspects wanted in connection with the damage and destruction caused during the G-20 summit held in Toronto, June 25 – 27.
All information is asked to be forwarded to Toronto Police Service, G20 Investigative Team at 416-808-0650 or email to g20investigativeteam@torontopolice.on.ca
While more than 1,000 people were arrested during the summit, making it the largest mass arrest in Canadian history, only 42 people have faced charged so far. Those people are from Ontario, Quebec and B.C.
The Globe and Mail reported last night that police are now seeking the extradition of 2 men from New York. One of them is the alleged person in a YouTube video smashing a pane of glass at the CIBC headquarters using a pickaxe. Police are also going after a man from New Hampshire who is accused of participating in Black Bloc activities.
According to reports, over $2.5 million of damage was caused during the summit with $385,000 worth of damages at the CIBC alone.

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