Shannon Connolly of Cobourg Arrested for Fraud in Elder Abuse Scam

North Durham investigators concluded their fraud investigation involving an elderly victim with the recent arrest of a 33-year-old Cobourg man.

In February 2010, the 78-year-old victim from Port Perry, who lives independently, was contacted by the suspect and informed her water treatment system filter required replacing immediately. The victim agreed to this work and the suspect arrived at her home and completed the task. The elderly victim paid several hundred dollars to the suspect for this completed work.

In September 2010, the same 78-year-old victim from Port Perry was again contacted by the suspect and informed her newly installed water treatment system had been recalled by the manufacturer. The suspect stated he was contracted by the manufacturer to attend her home and replace it with an improved replacement system. The victim agreed and the suspect installed a smaller, inferior replacement system. The victim paid over $1,000 for this completed work.

The North Durham police investigation revealed the manufacturer had not authorized a recall of its water treatment system and both incidents involving the elderly victim had been fraudulent and criminal.

Shannon CONNOLLY, age 33 of Cobourg is charged with: Theft Under $5,000; Fraud Under $5,000 x2 and Unlawfully in a Dwelling x2. The accused was held for a bail hearing.

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  1. If you have the nerve to trash this man, who is innocent until proven guilty, ruin his reputation and ruin his name… at least have the decency to do your research properly, and spell his name correctly!!!
    Last time i checked, this was Canada and everyone had the right to a fair trial… but you obviously skipped that step and made him guilty in your little paper… hope you got pacomment_ID well.

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