Police Says Vancouver Mall Shooting Victim was Ontario’s Gang Member

Vancouver Police has confirmed that the recent brazen daylight execution of Duy Ly Nguyen at a Vancouver shopping mall on Sunday afternoon was related to an ongoing Ontario gang conflict. 30-year-old Nguyen was shot to death soon after 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the strip mall at West King Edward Avenue and Oak Street. Nguyen’s body was found in the front passenger seat of a white Toyota Camry.

According to Vancouver Police Sgt. Randy Fincham, Nguyen had arrived in B.C. a short while ago but he was known to police in Ontario. Fincham stated that “we do believe he has gang ties. We do believe that the gang affiliation is what ultimately resulted in this shooting (Sunday). We believe that he’s possibly involved in an ongoing gang conflict with another group, again which led up to the shooting yesterday.”

There are speculations that Nguyen is the person identified in an Ontario Superior Court ruling from July as the victim of a Christmas Day 2012 shooting in Scarborough. However, police has refrained from commenting on the speculation. A man named Jamie Dang was charged in the 2012 shooting and remains out on bail after the Crown lost its bid to have Dang held in custody. At the time, the ruling stated that “the Crown alleges that the attempted murder of Mr. Nguyen was part of the ongoing dispute between the Asian Assassinz and Chin Pac,” adding that “violence between the rival gangs seems to have escalated since 2010, resulting in a series of back-and-forth, retaliatory murders and attempted murders.”

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