Retired Mountie Ross Spenard charged with perjury, Vancouver

Following a thorough investigation, the Vancouver Police Department has recommended to Crown Counsel that retired Staff-Sergeant Ross Spenard, a 32-year member of the RCMP, be charged with perjury. One charge of perjury has now been laid by Crown Counsel.

In May 2009, Spenard allegedly perjured himself while testifying in B.C. Supreme Court in the capacity as an expert witness in bloodstain pattern analysis during the murder trial Regina v. Lincoln. The perjury became evident during the course of the trial through disclosure requests sought by defence counsel. While under cross-examination, Spenard admitted to not telling the whole truth in his earlier testimony.

In September 2009, a formal complaint was also made by Regional Crown Counsel to the Vancouver Police Department to investigate any Criminal Code offences arising from Spenard’s conduct.

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