Who Fits the Profile of IPL

The Indian Premier League aka IPL is India’s biggest seasonal 'business' from each and every aspect of this word. Whether it be the huge bucks that go in or the level of entertainment, the glitz and glamour never fails. In this game, all that glitters is not gold but willow bats. And the once welding the willow makes our adrenaline go crazy.

From the biggest names of bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan to the most successful businessmen like Ambani, everyone has got their hands on this marvelous game of Kings and Royals and Knights and Challengers.

We the commoners are too inferior to even limit criterions for the one fitting to be a part. Their profile is of course not a normal printed resume. The entire ground is their resume. Every swing of the bat, every run they score and every boundaries they hit, everything summaries who they are.

We can approach this from two perspective. Either an entire franchise as a whole or based on particular players. I’ll still be keeping the criterions same but will look from different perspectives

 • It is not necessary that a big budget player or a big budget teams will come out victorious as per latest examination done by betway for all previous 12 seasons. Some players even earn up to $1m, if not more. But it is a fact that a team with most expensive squad has never won the tournament. Instead Rajasthan Royals, being the least valuable team had ignited the fire by winning IPL 2008.

• Not only international players but Indian players are also very skilled and talented. A single player cannot win a game, no matter how skilled they are. After all miracles like MS. Dhoni doesn’t happen all the time. West Indies international Sunil Narine is paid more than captain Dinesh Karthik. Similarly, Rajasthan Royals Sanju Samson ($1.1m) is paid less than England star Ben Stokes ($1.8m).

• The evergreen and motivational quote that says, “Age is just a number” does not hold true on this 22 yards pitch. Experience does help in strategizing but stamina is required to go on scoring and hitting boundaries.

• Lastly, the captain of the team has huge responsibility on his shoulders. Even if he is not able to give his 100%, he needs to make sure that everyone else give their 200%. Not letting the team’s morale down is a crucial quality. Captains like MS. Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, etc have proved this fact time and again.

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