Social network goof-ups of 2013

Twitter and Facebook have been playing a key role in connecting cricket followers with cricketers and vice versa. It is a good medium for fans to get a further glimpse into their favourite cricketers’ lives. For cricketers or for that matter, those who are closely associated with cricket, these social networking forums is one of the media to know that they have a significant amount of following.
The fan following on these forums is pleasing for glitterati. But it has also put them in some trouble over the recent few years. Some stars were slammed by fans and the media for their comments; insensitive or ill-timed. Some were poked for their simple ignorance to understand the medium or underestimating how it could impact their reputation. While the history of such faux pas goes back a long way, here, I am highlighting some of such goof-ups that have taken place in 2013.  
David Warner


Smash it. On the field and off it, that’s how Warner approaches most of the things in his life. In thisAshes he has been smashing England attack with aplomb. But right before the previous Ashes he was fined by Cricket Australia twice – for punching Root at a pub in England and for engaging in a twitter battle with a journalist. While his thought of asking the journalist (Malcom Conn) to support the Australian team was not wrong, Warner’s tweet
 David Warner's tweet to Malcom Conn
brought him in trouble with Cricket Australia. While Warner has moved on in his life for good, he could have avoided that twitter encounter. 
Ryan Harris


Once the injuries’ favourite to Michael Clarke’s favourite, Ryan Harris has definitely come a long way. But while celebrating regaining of the Ashes at Perth the things went a bit over the top for him. The fun and frolic was completely justified considering Australia won the Ashes after 6 years. But Ryan Harris seemed too high on life and tweeted
Call it impulse getting the better of him or alcohol doing the talking. He deleted the tweet but not before his followers noticed. On the following day, the media did its bit to publicise the Harris rant.
Cricket Australia
While Cricket Australia have tried to discipline their players, they too have been in a trouble over their tweets in 2013. In July 2013 during the Ashes, they expressed their displeasure against DRS and over Bell dismissal by tweeting this.
As expected the tweet was deleted and followed by an apology. While one is expected to learn from one’s mistake, Cricket Australia certainly did not. Right before the second Ashes Test in December 2013, they tweeted an image mocking Monty Panesar.
While the tweet was eventually removed and followed by a regret, Cricket Australia could not stop thousands of screenshot and an online protest saying that the image had some racial overtones. Following this, Cricket Australia changed their twitter identity from Cricket Australia to CA Digital Media which twitter bio reads – The independent news arm working out of Cricket Australia. 
Gulam Bodi

He is a lesser known/celebrated cricketer in comparison with Warner and Harris. But that did not deny him a chance to goof up on twitter. Reacting to Trott’s departure from England’s Ashes Test party, Bodi tweeted

While he apologised (via a tweet obviously,) expressing his ignorance about Trott’s condition, Bodi could have played safe. After all, Trott once was his fellow countryman. 
Gurunath Meiyappan


He is N.Srininvasan’s son-in-law. The BCCI President fondly calls him a cricket enthusiast as well. But that apart, his twitter bio tells us that he is
But till 24th May 2013 or until Vindoo Dara Singh dropped his name in cricket betting, he was
Meiyappan did delete that part fearing CSK would be banned. But he could not stop social media from pouncing on the screenshot that did not miss the Team Principal beat. 
Graeme Swann


As if the thrashing Australia dished out was not enough, Swann landed himself in trouble with his comment on his brother’s Facebook page. Commenting on his brother’s Facebook status “enjoyed a night out watching the band Shed Seven at Northampton’s Roadmender venue” Swann wrote
While Swann’s tongue in cheek is generally enjoyed by many, his comment was just like his and England’s performance in this Ashes- unimpressive. 
Sanjay Manjrekar


He is politically incorrect and someone who does not mind speaking his mind. While these traits are surely praiseworthy, it did land him in soup and kept him away from commentating during India vs Australia ODI series. A bit aggrieved Manjrekar wanted to DM Sundar Raman, CEO of Indian Premier League but more importantly the most sought after man in BCCI. Instead, he tweeted this.
Manjrekar deleted the tweet but not before the social media spread it across. 
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