The Netherlands and Belgium’s Joint Volleyball Competition

Volleyball Competition

This article was last updated on April 18, 2024

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Unifying Volleyball Forces in The Netherlands and Belgium

A powerful alliance in the arena of sports is making its ground-breaking debut as the top-tier volleyball clubs from both The Netherlands and Belgium inaugurates a joint competition. The coming season will see the four best teams, comprising both men and women, from each country duke it out in a thrilling match from February through April. The short but action-packed competition has been aptly titled the BeNe Conference.

Introducing the BeNe Cup

The excitement does not end there. The teams with the superior rankings will also endeavor to outplay each other in what has been referred to as the BeNe Cup, a fierce one-day showdown in December. Spectators will witness the inaugural edition of this fresh Cup on December 29 this year. Promising a nail-biting show, this encounter will see the champions from both The Netherlands and Belgium vying for the top spot in Den Bosch.

National Competitions Remain Intact

Despite the initiation of the joint venture, the national competitions will maintain their spirited continuity. Commencing in September, they will run until February, effectively heralding the start of the volleyball season. To round off the season, playoff matches in both The Netherlands and Belgium will aid in determining the winning club to clinch the coveted national title.

A Not-So-Unprecedented Collaboration

While exciting, such a collaboration between sports competitions from both nations is not an unprecedented move. The basketball, handball, and ice hockey teams from The Netherlands and Belgium have already spearheaded such joint competitions, thus setting the stage for the volleyball players’ venture.

Exciting Steps Forward for Volleyball

The launching of this joint competition promises exhilarating development for the sport of volleyball. In the words of Wijnand Geerdink, chairman of the Cooperation Eredivisie Volleyball Netherlands (CEVN), “These developments are exciting steps forward for volleyball. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our competitions and take the sport to the next level.”

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