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It is time for decisive confrontations in the Premier League, when the fate of gold medals will be decided. This fight is now the most interesting event for ordinary fans. It has now become much more convenient to follow every today’s football match thanks to the development of advanced technologies.

Today, there are only two real contenders for the championship, Liverpool and Manchester City. Even in spite of the fact that Tottenham is quite close, it’s hard to believe that the Spurs will be able to win back the gap simply because they don’t have a long enough bench, plus at the end of the season the overall fatigue of the players accumulates.

As for Liverpool and the City, both teams have approximately equal chances to win gold medals, and much will depend on the mood of the opponents. You can always see the schedule of today’s football matches to see what awaits the main contenders for the title, as well as their rivals.

This will help to navigate the world of English championship even better and to discover a lot of new things.

EPL results in a convenient format

In recent years, the results of the matches are becoming more and more unexpected. Now, even in matches between the recognized favorites, defeats have become increasingly common. The victory of Manchester City over Chelsea with a score of 6:0 is another proof of that. It has now become much easier to follow the EPL results.

At the decisive part of the tournament distance, the following indicators will come to the fore:

Physical condition of the players. Still, is extremely difficult to have a season without injuries and losses of form. In this case, the rotation can help out so that some leaders receive the necessary rest and time to recover.

Psychological attitude. Another factor that simply can not be forgotten. It often happens that teams win decisive matches exclusively powered by motivation and strong will.

Schedule of events. In the matches against the favorites, the teams will have to do their best at 100%, and this is an additional amount of workload for them.

As for the current situation in the Premier League, it should be mentioned that before the decisive part, both Liverpool and City have approximately equal chances of winning the title. Much will depend on how much power they will spend in the Champions League. Now even one misfire can be very expensive. The previous time the Reds finished in the first position was 29 years ago, so the role of motivation in this case also should not be underestimated.

Follow all the EPL’s results in a format convenient for you, and you will definitely not miss anything important. Here you will find quick updates of the data, as well as simple search for events and detailed statistics of confrontations.

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