Comfort zones for sex

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Comfort zones for sexIf boredom is setting into your relationship and causing doldrums in your sex life, it’s time to shed your inhibitions and get more experimental to enhance sexual pleasure.

While you may have already indulged in different kinds of love-making with your partner, it’s important to ensure the right settings to make the most of a night of passion. Be it the bedroom ambiance, surrounding items, lighting, aroma or anything that helps boosting your sexual desire, the decor of the room must be in accordance with your mood and the kind of sex you want to indulge in.

Marriage and relationship counselor Gitanjali Sharma elucidates, “Sex is a natural need for all human beings. But there has to be appropriate arousal for a night of passion and the environment, ambience and bedroom settings play a major role is stimulating your sexual hormones. Just like we eat when we are hungry, similarly, there has to be a sex drive and a physical desire to make you indulge in sex and it come from various things in the pleasure playground.”

Couples indulge in sex for various reasons. Some want to experiment and try out new things in bed, while others love seeing their partner experience heights of pleasure. There are others too who love pampering their partner through diverse forms of sex.

Here are various settings that can enhance your sexual camaraderie.

Create an innovative environment during experimental sex

As the name suggests, an experiment signifies something creative and out-of-box, so it could be a wild sexual stint. Couples opting for experimental sex aim to bring back the excitement and lust filled initial-days of their relationship. No matter how long they’ve been into their relationship, there is a need to have an Earth-shattering sexual experience every once in a while.

DO IT RIGHT : Dr Amita Mishra, a sex and relationship expert suggests, “When it’s about being experimental, try out just about everything. From the sofa to the floor, living room to the kitchen, bathtub to the garden, let your imagination take over completely. Enacting a porn star or a pole dancer act could take your spouse by surprise. Having meals in a semi-clad state will ignite your partner’s erotic side. Keep sexual props like whips, chains, pompoms and streamers handy to add to the mood.”

Pamper your beau during make-up sex

Make-up sex is a quick and effective way to get rid of an ugly argument, so if you had a gut-wrenching fight with your spouse, there can be nothing better than indulging in a sexual reconciliation. While the act gives you several chances to say ‘sorry’ to your partner, don’t forget the right ambiance is e a blessing in disguise. Not only it will make your partner feel pampered, but also let you gradually descend towards a sex romp.

DO IT RIGHT : Marriage and relationship counselor Gitanjali Sharma adds, “Keep a nice musical show piece, preferably a couple doing ball dance, alongside the bed that makes a chiming sound to add to the soothing aroma that you wished to create. Also, a lavish chandelier placed right above your bed can create the right combination of light and shadow. Also, decorate the room with flowers, place some surprise gifts for your partner, use satin bed sheets, heart shaped pillows etc that create a perfect atmosphere that makes your partner forget the fight and enjoy the sexual gratification.”

Keep it simple foe necessary sex

Necessary sex is all about decreasing sexual anxiety, accomplishing the Big O, and feeling good about Right ambiance for a better sex life. (Getty Images)
your sexual prowess. A sexual act that most couples perform as a vital part of a long-term relationship can also lead to special, intimate ‘me-time’ moments which relieve stress, burns calories and lift your sagging spirits.

DO IT RIGHT : Dr Amita says, “Just keep the settings simple. Stick to a conventional bedroom setting with a nice bed sheet and some scented candles boosting your sexual desires. A prolonged foreplay in or outside the bedroom area can gear you up for a gratifying act in bed. Indulge in a quick session of reading the Kamasutra to master new sex positions or watch a porn film together to set the mood for such ‘necessary’ sexual experiences. Remember, wearing saucy lingerie can also hit the right spot to woo your partner.”

Sex on my mind on vacation

When it’s about a sexual getaway, forget all domestic anxieties back home, as carrying them along will only decrease your sexual pleasure. Plan to have sex in a romantic locale that allows you to rediscover each another in a new light. Leave your laptop behind, turn the cell phone off and relax to make the sex better.

DO IT RIGHT : Gitanjali explains, “The perfect settings for recreational sex includes first indulging in a candlelit dinner with the right mix of aphrodisiacal food and wine, which you normally do not consume at home. A salsa dance session can further evoke your erotic senses, coupled with some sexual images placed appropriately on the walls of your room. Ideally try and opt for a room with a romantic or spectacular view of a lake or a mountain.”

Bring vigour back during solace sex

Sex, undeniably, is the best remedy when you are feeling miserable, dejected, anguished or lonely. Sexual acts to relieve your tensions are more emotional, more engaging and possibly more expressive and thus the focus is more on cuddling, rather than on climaxing. Since couples look forward to intensifying their bond, the ambience during solace sex can really make a difference. Forget the regular bed; why not try it out in the bathtub?

DO IT RIGHT : Dr Amita agrees, “Use scented warm water, adding rose petals to set the mood, Furthermore, a hot shower together with your partner stimulates the sex hormones and also gives a chance for intimate moments. Lastly, a sensuous massage either with a chocolate spa or aroma oils can help in calming your tensed mind and thus giving you more comforting pleasure.”

Keep it private for racy sex (one night stands)

Most couples would deny this, but love takes a backseat and it’s the lust that comes to the forefront during a racy one-night stand. The lack of emotional attachment makes it easier for couples to climax.

DO IT RIGHT : There is something wildly erotic about the back seat of your car, or a dark stair case when you are in the throes of a quickies. The stimulation from the fear that you maybe caught red-handed leads to a lot more of experimentation, including oral stimulation. Get down and dirty, throw back your latent inhibitions and perk up the pleasure.

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