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This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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While most women prefer a perfect package when it comes to choosing their Prince Charming, yet there exists certain stereotypes which women consider before saying I Do!

There are various qualities about a man that tempts a woman, and on these characteristics only, she chooses a man as her life partner.

From a luring bank balance, a charismatic persona, shopping habits to behavioural traits, there are endless categories in which men can be put into, making it easy for women to pick hubbies of their choice.

We asked women panning different age groups to know what kind of man they would want to marry and why…

1. ‘Rich and the famous’ types : Well, this one ought to top the list, as women love to be with someone, who enjoys a good status in society, not only with his name but with his bank balance too. Desiring a rich man doesn’t necessarily mean that the woman is after his money. Such women often relate to his financial status as a matter of prestige and look up to these men as fulfilling in all respects.

Manjari Shastri, a Bangalore-based architect shares, “I know for a fact that all my materialistic needs would be fulfilled by such a life partner who doesn’t think much before shelling out big bucks. Not only can I take pleasure in endless shopping with his credit cards, but I would love to enjoy the status and respect he enjoys in society.”

2. ‘Friendly and extrovert’ types : Men are commonly known to be less talkative as compared to their women counterparts. But not many would know that women find it exciting to have a jovial partner who loves to indulge in conversations. Now be it romantic or just casual, there has to be an initiative and some women love it if it’s their man who takes the lead. Women also feel that with such men even the worst of fights can be resolved in a candid manner.

Parul Sharma, a bank manager says, “I, personally, am a very reserved person, so I would look for a man who knows how to keep me busy talking. There’s no point having a partner who keeps himself isolated when you’re among a group of friends, so he should be an extrovert, ready to open-up comfortably and be friend within my circle too. I appreciate men with a good sense of humour and an equally good presence of mind.”

3. ‘Subtle and sombre types : Not all women like hubbies who are too over-friendly and outgoing with friends of the opposite sex. Women tend to have a soft corner for men who possess a quality of being extra quiet and reserved. The thing that attracts women in such men is their calm and cool attitude and the fact that they aren’t too keen to be the centre of attraction by talking unnecessarily.

Sakshi Luthra, a teacher says, “I don’t see any fun if my man gets too open with my friends and relatives because it triggers off unnecessary discussions, which aren’t too welcomes always. While in a gathering, I would want to be with a man who knows how to maintain his calm yet enjoy the moment. Also, if a man is sobre, there are chances of avoiding arguments and that’s the key to a successful relationship.”

4. ‘Mama’s boy’ types : They might be loathed about the way they behave at times acting like an overgrown kid, but they may drive girls crazy with their cute and adorable traits. Such men bear qualities such as too emotional, sensitive, caring and seeking attention from their partner. Thus, women don’t really mind being in a relationship with a man who is being looked after all the time.

Geetika Prakash, a fashion designing student recalls, “I remember how we all used to make fun of mama’s boys in our college days. But as I grew up, I realised how sentimental they are in a relationship. I would love to marry a guy for such emotions and I feel the love, care and attachment he would demand from me will be the same that he gives me in that relationship as well.”

5. ‘I’m my wife’s man’ types : It’s time to turn the tables around and let the women play their cards. Who won’t like to have a man who does everything as instructed by the female partner? Be it planning out vacations, deciding the family budget, cooking at home or going out for shopping, it’s the woman who has her say and the hubby is just expected to nod in agreement.

Shobha Mittal, a Mumbai-based businesswoman says, “I can’t bear a dominating partner, so I am very sure to marry a man who obeys me in certain areas and makes all efforts to keep me happy. Though I won’t get into any superiority fight with him, but somewhere it feels nice to see a man agreeing to what you say, and that becomes the mantra of a happy married life. Also, I want to break away free form the conventional notion that women are the weaker sex, so let men also enjoy this role-reversal.”

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