Married Life: An alternative solution to a growing problem

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Weight gain and borderline obesity continue to be serious issues in todays society and tend to be a growing concern for married folk! Pound after pound manage to creep in and pile itself on sleek and sexy bodies only to reveal itself as unsightly love handles, or jiggling tires! That once chiselled jaw suddenly spawns a fat-filled bastard child; last name Chin, first name Double! Then there is the worst of them all, MOOBS! Better known as Man-Boobs!

The good news is that most have the ability to battle this epidemic, thus making bold resolutions to get back to their fighting weight only to seldom ever follow through. It is at this juncture that loved ones intervene and try to provide that much needed nudge! Approaches tend to vary as some choose to gradually change the diet of their ‘fitness-challenged’ individual, while others take a more direct approach and provide a gym membership as a gift and throw in a personal trainer. Then there is the rather subtle approach adopted by Mrs.B.

Stepping out of the shower, I reached for my favourite polo and slipped it on only to find it was tight. I wasn’t surprised since I did manage to put on a few pounds…oh wait, I mean Kilos! I reached for another of my shirts, slipped it on and that too seemed like it belonged to Frodo Baggins. After half a dozen tries or so I realised what my precious loving wife had done….Mrs.B had shrunk all my favourite shirts! Talk about a hint and a half! Jog anyone?

Marriage Tip No. 41
Lose some weight or lose your shirt!

Welcome to my Shrinking married life.

This message has been sponsored by the people who fullfil your MooBs needs. Perky or saggy, get a Bro, bro!

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