How to Heal Thyself?

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

How many times have we blamed the driver of the car in front of us on the highway for getting us late to our meeting? How many times have we blamed the delicious cooking of our mother for getting us fat? And the list goes on. Why is it that we are quick to blame others when something falls out of routine in our lives?

Over time, we are becoming less patient and looking for ways to make life move forward faster and ‘perfectly’. However, if you think about it, life is anything but perfect. We are losing the art of how to deal with the normal day-to-day challenges and of how to connect with ourselves.   If anything interrupts our regular flow of things, it is considered a ‘disaster’ and we are so sure that someone other than us has caused this ‘disaster’. Why would others be out to get us? What would they gain from inconveniencing us? Do they not have their own lives to concentrate on?

Looking out for and helping each other is what differentiates us from our animal friends. However, it should not give us the freedom to take no responsibility for ourselves. Most of what happens to us is a result of our own actions. For example, if we plan to leave for our meeting ahead of time by proper planning, we can drive within the speed limit and reach on time.

Think about this: how much negative energy are we mustering when we want to blame our fellow being for what has gone wrong with our day or schedule? Such energy usually evokes feelings of anger and depression; such feelings, in turn, slow us down. In the end, we end up hurting ourselves while our fellow being carries on with life normally. 
The truth is: that negative energy comes from a place within us which we want to avoid facing. For example, when faced with delicious homemade cooking, we blame our mother for exposing us to it instead of facing our low will power and our poor lifestyle habits. If we are able to recognise this and, in turn, focus on ourselves, we will muster positive energy. Such positive energy will help us find peace and, in turn, improve our efficiency.
So, the next time you feel like blaming someone else, take a moment to look deeper into yourselves to discover the real reason for such negativity – work on this reason, then see how sweet and simple life can be.
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