Tips for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Tips for Child Sexual Abuse PreventionAccording to Jennifer Parker, the renowned Prevention Education Specialist, “Speaking to your children about their bodies should be as important as any other safety conversation.”

Being a parent it is your responsibility to talk to your child about the good touches and the bad touches no matter how awkward you think it is. While breeching over such delicate matters is indeed a tough task that requires prudence and intelligence, there can be no escaping this. Use my tips that will assist you in a relaxed and engaging discussion with your child(ren).

1. Most Important

The most important thing is to proceed with a pace that gives room to your child(ren) to ask questions. Remember, discussion and not breaking news is your objective. Give your children your undivided attention. Be conscious of what you are speaking and in what tone. You do not want to scare your child but at the same time you want them to realize the importance so opt for a cautious yet assertive tone.

2. While talking to your child

You have to use the correct terms for the body parts you are referring to, to underline the importance of the subject. Avoid using the nicknames, slangs and terms that you would use for kids. Every body part has a name and must be referred by it. Refer to private body parts as breasts, penis and vagina just as they are so that the child knows what exactly you are talking about.

3. Highlight the stakes of inappropriate touching.

Your child needs to remain vigil in situations when his parents are not around. Your children must understand that they have every right to ask questions about their body parts. Once the awareness is there, caution will follow. Just make your child feels comfortable enough to participate in the discussion.

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