Baby Diaries: The Curious Case of Boom-Boom

Close to two months in this new environment and there is still no sign of my old friend, Cordzilla. Hope is waning while other factors are demanding my attention. As a new born I am as close to youthful as one can be and yet, I'm losing my hair quicker than LeBron James! This is some anti-clockwise, Benjamin Button Buggery! 

I admit my communication skills are a bit limited as I can only express my discomfort by crying, but my issue can only be one of a few things. I either need food, a diaper change, to be burped, a hug or some sleep. So while my parents attempt to deduce my issue, how do they try and comfort me through my wailing? By repeatedly telling me that they love me! I appreciate the sentiment but please explain, how the hell does that helps my situation? How is you telling me you love me going to feed my belly or dry my ass? What's love got to do with it people?
On a brighter note, I've taken to being a little more social and have even befriended an eclectic bunch of individuals. They don't say much but I think that suits all of us. Say hello to the The Boom-Boom gang!
Happy Valentines!
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In December 2009, Chandru’s first novel, ‘The Journey of Om’ was published in India by Cedar Books.
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