Is she a desperado?

She blames you for your inability to commit; but maybe it’s not you, it’s her. It could be because she’s a desperate woman. While sometimes it’s cool to give way to a woman’s demands, you might be heading for trouble if your woman is showing consistent signs of extremely ‘needy’ behaviour.

Such women are intense, clingy and unable to keep a man because of their frantic desire for a serious commitment. So, how do you know if you are dating one? Check out the signs:

She’s always hooked
Read her relationship history. Is she a serial monogamist? Does she jump from one relationship to another? It could be because she cannot stand to be alone. Look closer – is one of her exes a rockstar, while another an investment banker, and still another a naturalist? The warning bells should clang if she doesn’t seem to have a particular type.

She’s got it planned
She knows what she’s doing on the last Sunday of September, next year. She’s named her future children and even picked their careers. In fact, she’s got a whole life planned. As soon as you begin dating, she keeps asking you if you love her and acts like you’ve been together for years… A desperate woman is eager to start her well-planned life immediately and will try to pressurise you into a premature commitment.

Her pets wear clothes
So she has a pet; but watch how she interacts with them. Does she mollycoddle or pamper them excessively. Does she treat them like people? A desperate woman channels her affection and need to control through animals.

She’s a doormat
Does she agree with you all the time? Are you surprisingly pleased with how similar you both are? A woman anxious to get hitched will fake compatibility in her rush to the altar. But would you want to date a mirror of your tastes and opinion?

How to get out
So, all the signs point in the direction of the woman you’re with. And you thought all that clingy, needy behaviour was affection. Take this road to freedom.

Take the blame
Disarm her by admitting you can’t commit. Sure that will make you a heartless manipulator, but it will also make you a free man. The more she cries or emotionally blackmails you into staying in the relationship, the more you shouldn’t be convinced that she’s desperate.

Damage control
After the break-up, explain to your friends and family why you’ve called it off. If she’s really desperate, she might use your people to patch things back up with you or elbow her way into your social circle.

Cut off ties
It’s heartless, but you must be tough. She’ll repeatedly try and manipulate you back into her life. Avoid her calls, change phone numbers if you have to, too.

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