Canada Election 2011: Time To Come Clean With Canadians

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Yesterday, the F-35 debate was taken outside the domestic arena, in a way that once and for all renders the Conservative numbers as pure BUNK. It is now time for a frank discussion, before Canada is saddled with possibly the biggest boondoggle in our history.

Mike Sullivan, director of acquisition management at the US General Accountability Office, was on CBC yesterday discussing the F-35. In response to the Conservative figures they use for the cost of the aircraft Sullivan offered an almost comical response:

"That’s not a number that I am familiar with at all," he said in an interview Tuesday with CBC’s Power & Politics

Think about that for a second, this third party expert can’t even fathom the Conservative 9 billion number, it isn’t even a rational presentation. Maybe that’s because Sullivan lives in the present and isn’t trying to pull the wool over people eye’s with TEN YEAR OLD figures PROVIDED BY THE VENDER. Sullivan comes in with costs far above the Conservative line, in such a way that any reasonable commentator should drop the 9 billion price tag from any story on the subject- it is pure FICTION, pure propaganda, bearing NO relation to reality. Canadians deserve an honest discussion, the Conservatives are essentially misleading, bordering on outright lying at this stage.

Laurie Hawn had an incredibly hard time on CBC yesterday, hollow retort a kind characterization. His lone assertion left, no no, these "audits" are wrong because they don’t account for the sweetheart deal Canada is getting for these planes, due to when we purchase the planes. Again Sullivan:

Sullivan said that while the last planes off the production line cost less than the first ones, Canada’s jets are set to be delivered in 2016, which he viewed as early in the production run. 

"That tells me I don’t think that’s going to be the least expensive buy," he said. 

Another blatant distortion, that has no support outside of Conservative spin. This debate is actually SAD, it does a disservice to what will be the biggest military purchase in our history.

The Conservatives are trying to pull a fast one on the Canadian people, this isn’t a difference of opinion, this is a question of coming clean. The discrepancy is so vast, the dollars essentially undercut the entire Conservative fiscal plan, as WELL as supposed future commitments they are selling as we speak. None of the numbers, pledges have any credibility until the Conservatives update their dinosaur expenditures, that NOBODY can even entertain at this point, nevermind debate. It is insulting, Hawn and company, men who love to wrap themselves in the flag and troops, are misleading Canadians in a fundamental way. Already obscene costs, are set to worsen, these planes are something we simply can’t afford, and we certainly can’t afford to get lost in the nonsensical back and forth the Conservatives use to muddy an otherwise crystal clear picture. BOONDOGGLE.

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