SunTV flops on the Canadian news scene

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

I admit, I haven’t watched one second of SunTV, nor do I plan to. I had threatened to cancel my package if subjected to the channel, but I wrote my letters, so I just choose to avoid. I note that on my Cogeco Cable SunTV receives a premier channel placement, as WELL as available in HD, a designation neither CTV News, nor CNN is provided. I mention this as evidence that the channel is being given every opportunity, at least here, so don’t let the excuses mask the TERRIBLE numbers:

Despite launching in the middle of a federal election, the new Sun News Network has so far had little impact on the Canadian news scene.

The Quebecor venture launched April 18 after months of "Fox News North" buzz and had an estimated 37,000 viewers across Canada tune in for its initial half-hour, when it hit the airwaves with a splashy promise of "hard news and straight talk."

Showcased commentator Ezra Levant’s "The Source" rated highest with an estimated 31,000 viewers on opening night, according to BBM Canada overnight estimates provided by sources.

That total had fallen to 12,000 by Wednesday, with less than 1,000 viewers in the coveted 25-to-54-year-old demo. By this Monday, a week after launch, Levant’s show was up to 19,000 viewers.

My only curiousity is David Akin, who to my mind is a first rate "straight shooting" journalist in every sense of the word, an honorable man in the midst of a collection of half wits and angry ideologues. That’s my opinion. I hope the network crumbles, but if it does the only one I hope lands on their feet is Mr. Akin, with a proven track record that deserves respect.

This exception I aside, I take GREAT delight in these abysmal numbers, despite the increased interest an election provides, ratings are ridiculously bad. Four thousand people watching Lilley’s show works out to be about 13 people per riding, and that’s in prime time! Levant is a intellectual bore, Adler in love with his own two dimensional musings, I hear talk of sexual overtones with the news, all congealing into a complete DUD.

I will say this to my fellow progressives, STOP WATCHING. Look at these ratings, if the left, center, end their obsession with these people, I suspect the network will really just die. Look at it this way, the numbers so bad, there is NO WORRY of influencing the debate in this country, so why fret about what is said by ignored sources? Nobody is watching, so don’t give the nonsense oxygen, just turn it off and let their advertisers walk as it shrivels further. That’s the smart plan, as you can see, it’s much ado about nothing, so let it talk to itself 🙂

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  1. dear sir,
    I feel that your comments are very undeserving and only encourage people to wathc this station, your high and mighty attitude is clear, what are you afracomment_ID of, the competition, really I have watched the news station and personally like them, all of them, short skirts and all, you people who make comments about another persons appearance, just shows your ignorance, what if they were wearing a burka, whould you actually make a comment_content about that, or would you be too afracomment_ID to say anything that might offend them, people like you, i have no respect for, thank-you for reading this,

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