A Green Energy Revolution In Our Midst

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sometimes real "change"- not the phony word of political convenience- occurs, of a variety that is hard to completely fathom whilst in the midst. Ontario is smack dab in the middle of a revolution, which future generations will look back on as a key turning point. The fact some readers might not know what I’m talking about, speaks to the fact that you don’t always fully realize seismic change until after the fact, until the passage of time allows for a complete perspective. Of course, I’m talking about the Green Energy Act.

It’s funny how soon we forget, but despite this very hot summer, again we’ve seen a relative absence of smog days in Ontario. Last year I noted a similar trend, then reminded myself of the past, wherein smog days- the disgusting brown icon on the weather network- were commonplace, Ontarians almost resigned. All the health concerns, all the potential damage to young lungs, really a crisis that became the norm. 

I travel extensively through rural Ontario, and if you’ve done the same, you’ll note the revolution occurring. Contrast what you see with last year, two years ago, and you’ll be astounded how quickly the landscape is changing. I remember the novelty of seeing a swath of solar panels on a farm, today you can’t travel a side road without seeing renewable energy. It really is an AMAZING development, the pace of change impressive by any measure. What is happening is no accident, it is the real world manifestation of the McGuinty Liberal policies, beyond partisan considerations, a terrific achievement.

Today, I read Suzuki warning of Hudak’s back ass plan to undo all the progress, as though we all can actually believe traditional sources of energy won’t result in future price hikes. A dangerous fantasy land argument that is utterly irresponsible and opportunistic. Again, travel the side roads of Ontario and you will see the absurdity of wanting to undo all the progress already achieved, it’s sheer madness!

I’ve never been one for glad handing, particularly with leaders, sometimes we tend to give almost rock star reverence. That said, I’ve made one exception, wherein I proactively sought out a politician to shake his hand and offer a comment. This occurred in 2009, where I walked across a room, waited patiently, so I could tell Dalton McGuinty that I thought his Green Energy Act would be his most important contribution, a positive, progressive legacy that we wouldn’t fully comprehend for some time. 

If you look at how far we’ve come already, it is correct to say Hudak’s regressive plan is "absolute insanity", as Suzuki argues. Not only is Hudak reckless, regressive and intellectually dishonest, but he puts at risk the new economy that will help sustain Ontario for the future. Hudak’s plan is dangerous, his almost nonsensical commitments, just as Ontario is starting to see the theoretical plan move to the practical, it’s simply staggering. Hudak spends much time on what people can afford, but if you have the slightest capacity for vision, you’ll quickly see Ontario can’t AFFORD Tim Hudak.

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