Love, Sex, Violence, Etc. at Whitefire Theatre (Sherman Oaks, CA)

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Love, Sex, Violence, Etc. — Five One-Act Plays from Helena Weltman

Whitefire Theatre (Sherman Oaks, CA)

This new production of Love, Sex, Violence, Etc. culls the five most successful one-act plays from award-winning Czech-American playwright Helena Weltman’s popular collections of playlets Love, Sex, Violence, Etc. (2008) and Love, Sex, Violence, Too (2010). Presented in halves entitled Relationships and In Therapy, the short plays’ styles range from romantic comedy to horror, drama and more. From the night of celebration gone wrong that is Love, Lies and Lollipops to the stunning 35-minute dramatic monologue that is The Therapist’s Therapist, little of these powerful topics is left unexamined.

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