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As an open exhibit in the 2015 Contact Photography Festival, Toronto sports photographer and journalist Peter Kraiker captures two of his passions (cycling and photography) in first solo showcase ‘Pedal with Passion’!

Accomplished Canadian sports photographer and journalist Peter Kraiker’s debut solo photography exhibit ‘Pedal with Passion’ (includes 18 framed limited editions) runs May 1 to May 15, 2015 at Leonardo Galleries in Yorkville. The public opening reception is on Saturday, May 2 at 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To Kraiker (since 2008, a member of the Association Internationale De La Presse Sportive), the bicycle is a universal symbol of independence, ingenuity and strength. The inspiration for ‘Pedal with Passion’ reflects a blending of his passions: the intensity and beauty of cycling, with his visual style. From tourists to commuters, spandex-clad racers, professional women and muddy mountain bikes, these evocative images explore the breadth of the cycling experience in our society.

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An avid cyclist himself, Peter Kraiker states, “I’m very excited to have my first solo exhibit and as a bonus it comes as part of the world’s largest photography festival. The most challenging part has been narrowing down the choice of photographs; as there are dozens from each year that have an exceptional element to them.

“Of the photos included in the exhibit, ‘White Shadow’ is both a long-time personal favourite and a surprise, as it was taken while I was studying at Ryerson in the ’70s, long before I decided that bicycles would be my primary subject. It’s also the first photo I submitted to an exhibit (in Guelph) and it took first prize in its category.”

Peter Kraiker has a talent for quick reflexes in capturing an image, coupled with an intuitive sense for composition and lighting. He was raised around cameras, learning about the actual hardware long before beginning to appreciate the idea of art. In fact, he is Canadian because of cameras; in 1952, his father came to Canada to set up the Ernst Leitz Canada plant (an optics and electronics company) in Midland, Ontario.

When not covering high-speed events (including national and world championships), he has turned his lens to more contemplative subjects. Previously, Kraiker has exhibited at Leonardo Galleries in a 2012 group exhibition; displaying a set of paired images titled ‘Journey to the Edge’ (a stark glimpse into the contrasts and subtlety of New Zealand).


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