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Sturgeon Yet to Decide if SNP Wants Second Independence Referendum

Sturgeon Yet to Decide if SNP Wants Second Independence Referendum

England, Monday, July 27th 2015

In her recent comments during a visit to China, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that SNP has not yet decided if a second referendum on independence will be in its... Read more

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UNESCO Undertake Training For Photojournalist In Juba

Africa, Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

UNESCO Undertake Training For Photojournalist In Juba

“This activity is a precursor to a one month regional training in media production foreseen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October 2015 which aims at providing a platform for journalists from the different countries to share good practices.”   Iklias Henry, a photojournalist trainer during the training in Juba [Photo| Jok P Mayom] By Jok P Mayom {ads1}The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has organized a twelve-day training for photo journalists scheduled from 20th to 1st August 2015 at Juba land mark hotel. Lydia Gachinga, UNESCO Communication’s Officer said the training is a joint effort between the UNESCO and Swedish Government to foster peace and sustainable development through building capacities and strengthening skills of young media professionals in professional media production through photography. Amongst the trainers are the two international photojournalists; Mr. Russell... Read more

Why Does Lindsay Graham Hate Cell Phones?

America, Friday, July 24th 2015

In case you hadn't seen enough of the GOP Presidential candidates this far in advance of the actual election day in November 2016, here is a recent video of Lindsay Graham that appeared on the series of tubes that make up the internet (my apologies to Mr. Graham's fellow Republican Senator, the late Ted Stevens from Alaska) taking out all of his frustrations on a series of cell phones:   {ads1}Why, you ask?  Who knows.  Unfortunately, the phone he uses doesn't resemble my first Blackberry which worked for two whole days before it crashed.  I would gladly have used some of his creative techniques to dispatch my faulty phone to wherever it is faulty electronics end up but I must say that I'm particularly fond of the blender idea.   And, on a totally unrelated... Read more

China's Military Ambitions Part 2

Asia, Monday, June 1st 2015

China's Military Ambitions Part 2

In part one of this posting, I looked at two recent statements from China regarding the role of its military and how its position as a world power will evolve over time.  In this posting, I will take a closer look at how busy China has been in the heavily disputed South China Sea region, located along in the area between mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.  As you will see, China, in particular, has been very busy in the disputed region as have two of its neighbours.   As a reminder, here is a map showing the disputed region: The numerous Spratly Islands (an archipelago or island group or island chain) are located more than 1000 kilometres from the Chinese mainland.  The largest of these islands is about 90... Read more

Australian Navy gifts landing craft to the Philippines

Australia, Thursday, July 23rd 2015

Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC, RAN, was joined at HMAS Cairns today by his Philippine counterpart, Flag Officer in Command Philippine Navy, Vice Admiral Jesus Millan, at a ceremony to gift two decommissioned Australian Balikpapan class landing craft to the Government of the Philippines. Super Typhoon Haiyan caused significant devastation to the Philippines in November 2013, and approximately 500 Australian Defence Force personnel, including the crew of HMAS Tobruk and a deployment of Army Engineers, provided in-country support to the relief effort, at the request of the Philippines Government. {ads1}“The relief effort highlighted the importance of regional sea lift options due to numerous airfields being inaccessible and land infrastructure impassable,” Vice Admiral Barrett said. “These craft will assist the Philippines defence modernisation program and improve the Philippine Navy’s ability... Read more

Rescuers Look for Dead 7-Yr-old’s Missing Dad in Vancouver’s Boating Tragedy …

Canada, Monday, July 27th 2015

Rescuers Look for Dead 7-Yr-old’s Missing Dad in Vancouver’s Boating Tragedy

RCMP has confirmed the death of a seven-year-old girl in a boating incident north of Vancouver after her body was found in the water on Saturday night. The search for the girl was prompted after a boat was discovered drifting near Anvil Island in Howe Sound. According to the Mounties, the crews are still searching for the girl's father, i.e. a 60-year-old man from North Vancouver. Sources claim that a North Vancouver dentist, William Liebenberg, is the missing man and the body of a 7-year-old young girl discovered by search and rescue workers yesterday was his daughter Maddy. Lions Bay Marina’s Brian Staines revealed to have known the missing man well. He explained that "we all did. They were really nice people," adding that the father and his daughter departed the... Read more

Sturgeon Yet to Decide if SNP Wants Second Independence Referendum

England, Monday, July 27th 2015

Sturgeon Yet to Decide if SNP Wants Second Independence Referendum

In her recent comments during a visit to China, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that SNP has not yet decided if a second referendum on independence will be in its 2016 Holyrood election manifesto. She was pressured to make comment on the decision since Alex Salmond freshly stated that he believed a second vote was "inevitable." Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, urged the Scottish government to clarify its position on another vote and Ms Sturgeon replied that it would be her "ultimate decision", with party backing, but it would be made based on the country's "best interests". She explained that "there can't be a referendum, and there certainly can't be independence for Scotland, unless a majority of people in Scotland clearly want that.” Sturgeon added that "it will be my ultimate decision,... Read more

What Will It Take to Rescue Greece?

Europe, Monday, July 6th 2015

What Will It Take to Rescue Greece?

Now that Greeks have decisively turned down a bailout and its accompanying austerity, we need to know what it would take to actually turn the Greek debt situation around.  A recent review of Greece's debt sustainability by the International Monetary Fund shows that there have been significant negative changes in the nation's ability to sustain its current level of debt, largely because of lower government surpluses and weak fiscal reforms that have led to new financing needs.   According to the IMF's last review of Greece's fiscal picture in May 2014, things were looking up.  The nation's debt-to-GDP ratio was projected to fall from 175 percent at the end of 2013 to 128 percent by 2020 and 117 percent in 2022.  While this suggested that the Greek debt situation was improving, this projection by... Read more

Modi Completes One Year in Office

India, Monday, May 25th 2015

Exactly a year ago on 26th of May, 2014, Narendra Modi took oath as 15th Prime Minister of India. The Gujarat CM and BJP’s PM candidate led BJP to an absolute majority with 282 seats in Lok Sabha elections. This was a thumping majority considering the last any party achieved this feat was 30 years ago. In 1984 Congress led by Rajiv Gandhi after her mother Indira’s assassination won a whopping 414 / 543 seats. Modi the face of BJP’s campaign became the Prime Mister of the country carrying expectations of a crore plus population on his shoulders. People were fed up of rampant corruption and inaction under UPA II. They voted overwhelmingly for Modi – seen by many – as the messiah for change and growth. As he completes one year... Read more

Israel, Syria and an Assassination

Middle East, Monday, July 20th 2015

Israel, Syria and an Assassination

{ads1}According to "The Intercept", an internal National Security Agency document provided by Edward Snowden shows that Israel took rather unusual steps in its long-term hostilities with Syria back in August 2008.   Brigadier General Suleiman, educated as an engineer, was a top military and security advisor and close friend to Bashar al-Assad.  Suleiman played a unique role in Syria's inner circle; he was a member of Syria's research board which dealt with the development of chemical and biological weapons as well as nuclear research and was Syria's contact with North Korea.  As such, he was in charge of security arrangements for the North Korean scientists who were involved in the construction of the Al Kibar nuclear facility which was destroyed by Israel in 2007.  It is also believed that he was connected to... Read more

ACCA organises corporate networking session

Pakistan, Friday, July 10th 2015

Lahore, July 2015: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) hosted a corporate dinner based on the theme ‘Accountants for Business’ in Faisalabad. This engagement will be beneficial in building relationships with all the prominent employers of Fasialabad. {ads1}The corporate networking session was attended by the President FCCI, Engineer Rizwan Ashraf and it was to highlight the FCCI members in attracting, developing and retaining the best finance talent. It is pertinent to mention that ACCA is committed to supporting its student and member base in Faisalabad and therefore an Approved Employer Ceremony was conducted with the employers coming on onboard committing towards training ACCA Affiliates in achieving membership. President FCCI, Engineer Rizwan Ashraf commented at the dinner, “ It is a matter of great honor for me and my team to be... Read more

Diamonds and Women: One of the Few Novels that Follows Arab Immigrants to South…

South America, Wednesday, May 6th 2015

Diamonds and Women: One of the Few Novels that Follows Arab Immigrants to South America

Tonight in Abu Dhabi, the winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction will be announced. Diamonds and Women is one of the six shortlisted novels, and here Sawad Hussein reviews a book rich with the physicality of sex, sexual power, and sexual exploitation: By Sawad Hussain Lina Hawyan Elhassan’s latest novel, Diamonds and Women, navigates through time and space, from the early twentieth century up through the 1980s, moving across the globe. The story is shared between two generations of Arab emigrants from different cities in Syria, although the majority hail from Damascus. Through the intermittent memories of characters floating in and out of the storyline, the reader is taken back yet further — as far as the late 1800s. The novel portrays the romantic, economic, and social struggles of the protagonists, as well as their eventual prominent influence... Read more

Hindus disheartened at U-turn of Conwy Council in Wales on feeding seagulls

South Asians Abroad, Friday, July 24th 2015

Hindus are disheartened at the reported U-turn of Conwy County Borough Council in North Wales (United Kingdom) on the issue of fining people for feeding seagulls.   Earlier, the Conwy Council reportedly shelved the plan to fine people for feeding seagulls, and now the Council is reportedly considering instituting a law by year end banning feeding of the birds.   Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, who earlier commended the Council for reported shelving of plan to fine people for feeding seagulls respecting the religious sentiments of some communities, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that introducing ban on feeding birds would be blatantly disregarding the sentiments of some communities.   Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, asked: Was the universal principle of religious freedom not applicable in the Conwy County?   {ads1}Rajan Zed... Read more


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2015 Indo Ontario Ball Hockey Championships Recap

Hockey, Monday, June 22nd 2015

2015 Indo Ontario Ball Hockey Championships Recap

The largest South Asian ball hockey tournament in the western hemisphere ended on Sunday.  The 6th annual Indo-Ontario Cup 2015 Ball Hockey Championship was another success.  We had 30 teams play in over 5 divisions with 650 athletes participate in the tournament this year.  We crowned 5 new champions this year.  Brampton represented the city product by bringing home 4 out of 5 championships.  Here is a recap of all the winners from this weekend.   Division 2015 Indo Ontario Champions Atom (2004 & Under) Brampton Strikers Midget (2000-2003) Malton Mavericks Juniors (1996-1999) Sandalwood Sabres Men’s Pool B Brampton Bruins Men’s Pool A Brampton Jantha Hockey Club Congratulations to all of the champion’s and the teams that participated in this year’s tournament.  The success of this tournament is driven by your continued support and participation.  Read more

Dwane Casey Named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month

Basketball, Friday, January 3rd 2014

Dwane Casey Named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month

The Toronto Raptors announced Thursday that head coach Dwane Casey has been named NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for December. This is the first time Casey has won the honour. He joins Lenny Wilkens (April 2002) and Sam Mitchell (January 2007) as the only Raptors coaches to be named Coach of the Month. Toronto went 8-6 in December under Casey’s guidance and was one of five teams in the Eastern Conference to finish the month with a record above .500. The Raptors were 0-3 prior to a seven-player trade December 8 that sent leading scorer Rudy Gay to Sacramento. Casey incorporated four new players into the roster and the team responded by winning eight of the next 11 games. The Raptors were 6-3 on the road last month, which included... Read more

A study in the art of fast bowling and captaincy

Cricket, Saturday, March 8th 2014

A study in the art of fast bowling and captaincy

He has shown the menacing influence fast bowling has on a cricket match. Irrespective of the conditions, a bowler of his ilk can threaten any batsman. Sadly, bowlers of his ilk are rare to come by, which is what makes Mitchell Johnson a greater hazard for the opposition. In practice sessions, it’s hard to replicate what Johnson does. Steyn and Morkel bowl fast too. But not as fast nor are they as life-threatening as Johnson. A bowling machine doesn’t provide the angle of his round arm action. Nor does it replicate the death stare from him, nor the moustache, nor the variety in deliveries.  Johnson still does spray the ball around. Though his control has improved a great deal, there are moments in which the old Johnson appears. For my mind,... Read more

QBs Recovering from Offseason Surgeries as NFL Training Camps Open

Football, Thursday, July 17th 2014

QBs Recovering from Offseason Surgeries as NFL Training Camps Open

It has been an off-season of recuperation for a number of NFL quarterbacks who underwent surgery in recent months. With training camps now getting into full swing, all eyes will be on these recovering stars, whose health is critical to their teams’ success in the upcoming NFL season. Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton underwent surgery in late March to repair an ankle injury suffered in the Panthers’ 23-10 NFC Divisional Playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers. While Newton has undergone extensive rehab prior to training camp, and is medically cleared for full workouts, he is expected to need all of camp to regain his form ahead of the start of the regular season. Last season, Newton led the Panthers to a 12-4 record and their first NFC South title since 2008.... Read more

Honda Indy Toronto announces IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe as Grand Marshal

Other Sports, Friday, June 12th 2015

Organizers of the 2015 Honda Indy Toronto are pleased to announce that local Canadian race car driver and mayor of Hinchtown, James Hinchcliffe, will serve as the Grand Marshal for the marquee Verizon IndyCar Series race taking place Sunday, June 14. Hinchcliffe was recently medically cleared to travel to Toronto. Hinchcliffe will perform the standard Grand Marshal duties that include giving the famous “drivers, start your engines” command to start the afternoon Verizon IndyCar Series race on Sunday. “We are very excited to have James as Grand Marshal,” said Charlie Johnstone, President of the Honda Indy Toronto. “Although he is unable to race, it is important to us, and to him, that he is involved in the race in some capacity, being as this is his home town event.” Hinchcliffe will not be... Read more

Inaugural Golden Oldies Football Festival Adelaide 2016

Soccer, Saturday, June 6th 2015

Vintage Sport and Leisure Limited (VSL), owners and operators of the international Golden Oldies Sporting Festivals concept, today announced that the inaugural Golden Oldies World Football Festival will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, in October 2016. Peter McDermott Managing Director of VSL stated, “We are inviting the world to assemble for the beautiful game to be held in Adelaide,, Australia 2016”. We are excited to add Football (Soccer) as the latest addition to VSL’s stable of events that include rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, softball and golf, said McDermott. {ads1}The Golden Oldies Motto is “Let Your Love of the Game Take You Places” and to date over 37 cities worldwide have hosted Golden Oldies Festivals since the inception of Golden Oldies in 1979.   Festivals take place every two years in exciting destinations around... Read more

Canada Beats Colombia on Day Three of Fed Cup

Tennis, Saturday, February 9th 2013

Canada Beats Colombia on Day Three of Fed Cup

Canada finishes first in pool A to earn a spot in the final The Miele Canadian Fed Cup team won their three matches against Colombia on day three of the Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Americas Zone Group I event in Medellin, Colombia. The first singles match of this round robin tie went to Sharon Fichman (Toronto, ON) who defeated Catalina Castano 6-1, 7-5; followed by Eugenie Bouchard’s (Westmount, QC) win over  world no 144 Mariana Duque-Marino 6-2, 6-2. The doubles match was canceled due to rainfall. Saturday, Canada will play in the final against pool B champion Brazil at 10 a.m. E.T. The winner Saturday’s final will advance to the World Group II play-offs in April 2013. Read more

Detroit Tigers Avoid Sweep With 4-1 Win Over Toronto Blue Jays

Baseball, Sunday, July 29th 2012

Detroit Tigers Avoid Sweep With 4-1 Win Over Toronto Blue Jays

Jhonny Peralta Supplies All the Offence with Two Home Runs and Four RBI’s After dropping the first two games of the series the Detroit Tigers bounced back to avoid being swept and snapped the Toronto Blue Jays' three-game win streak. On the strength of Doug Fister's efficient eight innings on the mound and Jhonny Peralta's two home runs and four RBI's, the Tigers (54-38) ended its three game losing skid with a 4-1 road victory in front of 35,975 fans at Rogers Centre. Toronto (51-50) opened the scoring in the first inning when Rajai Davis scored from third base on a ground ball by Colby Rasmus. The Tigers stormed ahead in the second inning when Blue Jays starting pitcher Brett Cecil let two runners get on before Peralta hit a long fly ball... Read more

Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Raptors podcast

500 Level Podcasts, Wednesday, March 14th 2012

Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Raptors podcast

500 Level Podcast Welcome to the 500 Level. Opinions, news and views on Toronto sports from the Upper Deck. Leafs, Raptors, Jays, Argos, TFC - nothing is off limits. It's good to be a fan! Your hosts Aman Dhanoa and Ben Trattner. March 14, 2012 Welcome to another edition of the 500 Level Podcast. This week Aman and Ben "Welcome Back" Patrice to the podcast. He has shared his thoughts and views on sports as a guest in the past and helps us start off our opening topic - the Leafs. The Buds have nearly completed an epic collapse, going from a playoff spot towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and we discuss all that is ailing the team. Then the topic switches to the Blue Jays and it's pitching situation. From there... Read more


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We must start 'shaming' those who lie to us, destroy our climate …

Columns, Friday, May 29th 2015

During a flight from Montreal to Halifax I missed a chance to carry out an act of defiance – “shaming” – against a person who has greatly abused his position of authority in Canada. Given how powerless ordinary folk and public interest groups have become, I would like to see people embarrass the hell out of those who take advantage of the public by lying to us, cheating us, or destroying our priceless environment.  As I made my way down the aisle, I spotted the square jaw, the glasses and the prematurely-balding head. I was going to get my chance to walk right up to the Right Honorable Peter MacKay. MacKay has lied to us enough times that cartoonists depict him with a Pinocchio nose. As Justice Minister, he lied that he didn’t... Read more

Lennie Gallant’s moving tribute to Veterans – Wounded

Fallen Heroes, Friday, November 8th 2013

Lennie Gallant’s moving tribute to Veterans – Wounded

PEI singer songwriter’s moving tribute to the returning soldiers from Afghanistan was inspired by a trip to entertain the troops in the field of battle Lennie Gallant singing “Wounded” at Harmony House, Hunter River PEI Lennie Gallant was moved by the courage and the danger our troops faced when visited Afghanistan on a troop entertainment tour. He also came face to face with the men and women who return from Afghanistan with visual and hidden wounds from war. That experience affected Lennie deeply as he came to realize it a small way the men and women suffer when then come home to Canada. In honor of these veterans with disabilities, Gallant along with J.T. Harding wrote Wounded. Some of their wounds are obvious but some are deeper inside. Gallant captures the real lives of our veterans... Read more

chatr expands nationally to over 200 Canadian cities

Press Releases, Tuesday, May 5th 2015

chatr expands nationally to over 200 Canadian cities

  Goodbye calling cards: new prepaid international rates starting at 1 cent per minute included in $25 monthly plans TORONTO (May 5, 2015) - chatr mobile announced today that it’s now available across Canada to bring more customers prepaid voice and text plans, incredible international talk rates and more data. Monthly plans of $25 and up now include international calling starting at 1 cent per minute to more than 200 countries, making it easier and faster to keep in touch with friends and family afar. {ads1}“Customers can now call or text around the world without purchasing a calling card,” said Raj Doshi, chief chatr head, chatr mobile. “For many who are entering a new chapter in life, setting up a mobile phone is often the first step they take, and chatr gives... Read more


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DEMO-GRAPHICS The Biennial Art Event of the Greater Toronto Area

Art & Culture, Tuesday, July 14th 2015

On July 6th, the organizers of DEMO-GRAPHICS, the biennial art event of the Greater Toronto Area, held a first Think Tank in order to present the ideas behind the event and the main figures leading to its development. The think tank was successful in bringing together many of the GTA's cultural leaders, including artists, museum directors, leaders from the educational world, curators, representatives from governmental agencies and from the corporate world. The day of presentations and discussions was held in one of the GTA's most active cities, culturally speaking, Mississauga. Mayor Bonnie Crombie came in to speak of her support and enthusiasm for DEMO-GRAPHICS. {ads1}Chantal Pontbriand, Canadian curator, editor, and art consultant working internationally, will act as artistic director and curator of DEMO-GRAPHICS 1 to be held in the spring of... Read more

Preview: 2016 Chevrolet Cruze - longer, lower and lighter

Automotive, Tuesday, July 7th 2015

Preview: 2016 Chevrolet Cruze - longer, lower and lighter

  After selling seemingly countless Cruze models in North America since the fall of 2010, it was time for something new from Chevrolet. The June unveiling of the second generation of the brand's big-selling compact sedan showed that a commitment to space and economy is still top of mind amongst GM brass. And how could it not be, with the Cruze being such a big name in the ever-competitive compact sedan market? For 2016, the Cruze gains all-new looks and dimensions, coming in an inch lower, 2.7 inches longer, and a whopping 113 kg (250 lbs) lighter than outgoing models. The 'more space, less weight' approach was recently applied to the 2016 Chevy Malibu, and like with that model, the stretch should aid rear seat legroom. The weight loss, coupled with a slippery new body, will allow the car to achieve... Read more

From Diyarbikkir to Lalish: Walking in the Footsteps of Armenian Genocide …

Books, Friday, July 24th 2015

From Diyarbikkir to Lalish: Walking in the Footsteps of Armenian Genocide

Iraqi novelist Layla Qasrany traveled to Turkey to commemorate the Armenian genocide and visit sites that had appeared in her most recent novel. A side-trip into northern Iraq, where she visited a Yazidi shrine, brought depressing and hopeful news of ISIS: By Layla Qasrany Diyarbakir, Turkey Diarbakýr, Turkey {ads1}We say in Arabic that there are five benefits to travel. No one seems to know just what these are, but I derived many benefits from a trip I took recently. The journey began with my arrival in southern Turkey to attend the commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian genocide, in which we paid tribute to the million-plus souls deported from Diyarbakkir who consequently died in the desert of Syria.  One benefit was that I got to walk in the path of the caravan I depicted in... Read more

Top 25 Canadian Immigrant awards 2015

Community, Monday, July 6th 2015

The 7th Annual RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards honours outstanding contributions from a diverse pool of world-renowned talent in the culinary, medical, educational and entrepreneurial fields TORONTO, June 23, 2015 – Two celebrity chefs/restaurateurs, Vikram Vij and Susur Lee, have been named among this year’s RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants, the people’s choice program that celebrates inspiring Canadian immigrants. Presented by Canadian Immigrant magazine, other winners from the food world include Shasha Navazesh, who founded ShaSha Co., Canada’s leading artisan bakery, and John Chang, proprietor of award-winning Lulu Island Winery. {ads1}Nearly all of this year’s winners arrived in their new home country more than a decade ago and made a significant contribution to Canada since their arrival.  They’ve built their skills and expertise, and went on to successful endeavours. Several have... Read more

How Reading Might Make You Happier

Daily Life, Monday, June 22nd 2015

How Reading Might Make You Happier

Photo: Courtesy Tumblr/Women Who Read "Regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers," according to a fascinating article in The New Yorker discussing the somewhat little-known practice of bibliotherapy, or reading for therapeutic effect. "Reading has been shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance-like state, similar to meditation, and it brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm." {ads1}Those of us who have loved curling up with a good book for as long as we can remember (like a whopping percentage of millennials) may not be surprised to learn that reading is good for both our mental and physical health. But exactly why is this, and how we can best use it, is where the concept of bibliotherapy... Read more

Proof That Skinny Jeans Aren't Going Anywhere

Fashion, Monday, July 13th 2015

Proof That Skinny Jeans Aren't Going Anywhere

In recent years, the skinny jean has become everyone's go-to, but they're certainly not a new thing. The cut has actually been around for decades and worn by an impressive roster of celebs, from Hollywood A-listers to sports stars and rock n' roll legends. {ads1}Lately, the skinny's #1 rank has surely been put to the test. With the strong resurgence of the '70s flare and the rise in popularity of boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans, and even modern-day JNCOs, options aren't exactly limited when it comes to denim silhouettes. We even thought for a moment that skinny jeans could be going completely extinct. Bu, if you ask us now (and if history is any indication), the shape has become a classic — and they'll never fully go away. To celebrate the unwaveringly flattering... Read more

You'll Never Guess The Secret Weapon Of This 4-Cheese Pizza

Food, Monday, July 27th 2015

You'll Never Guess The Secret Weapon Of This 4-Cheese Pizza

You can find Stephanie celebrating the awesomeness of food over at iamafoodblog, a recipe blog featuring fun and playful comfort food, delicious photography, and the occasional vegetable. Photo: Courtesy of I Am A Food Blog.   You know, until recently, I never really got the appeal of cheese pizza. Growing up, my pizza of choice was always ham and pineapple. Fast-forward many, many years and I’ve pretty much tried every type of pizza. Even so, amidst my extensive eating of porchetta pizzas, grilled-cheese pizzas, and caramelized-shrimp pizzas, I’ve been slow to answer the siren song of the regular-old, cheese-topped classic slice. But now, I’ve gone to the dark and cheesy side. I’m all about cheese pizza, which is in no way plain. First off, we need to consider the base of all pizzas: the... Read more

This Is What Happens When You Freeze Your Fat

Health, Friday, July 24th 2015

This Is What Happens When You Freeze Your Fat

  {ads1}Belly pooch, muffin top, food baby, roll, love handles, saddle bags...the world has a lot of cutesy and derogatory ways to describe body fat. And despite eating healthy, exercising regularly, and generally kicking ass at living, we all have so-called "trouble areas" on our bodies. In fact, some people are just genetically predisposed to carrying and storing pockets of fat in different areas, and those people are often as healthy (or sometimes healthier) than their thinner counterparts. That said, recent advancements in the cosmetic dermatology field have led to a slew of new, surgery-free treatments and machines that claim to eliminate stubborn, fatty areas using heat, ultrasound, radio frequency, and freezing. What are all these treatments? Do they even work? And if they do, are they worth it? Now, I... Read more

Simple ways to save Energy and Money this Summer

Homes, Wednesday, April 1st 2015

Simple ways to save Energy and Money this Summer

{ads1}Energy Saver provides homeowners with tips for saving money and energy at home and on the road. By following just a few of the simple tips. 1. Set your air conditioner thermostat as high as comfortable – we recommend 78ºF or higher when you’re at home, and 85ºF when you’re gone. Keep inside air vents clear from furniture and other objects. 2. Have your central air conditioner tuned up and clean or replace filters monthly for more efficient operation. 3. Minimize indoor heat: run the dryer and dishwasher at night on hot days and let your dishes air dry. Avoid heat-generating incandescent lighting and use a microwave, toaster oven or outdoor grill instead of the oven. It's best to avoid the use of major appliances between 2 and 8 p.m. 4. Set your water... Read more

3 Ways To Stay Smart Even When You're Working Like Crazy

Naukri & Paisa, Thursday, July 2nd 2015

3 Ways To Stay Smart Even When You're Working Like Crazy

General Assembly is an educational institution that transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in tech, business, and design.       Illustrated by Mallory Heyer. By Emily Pope “You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” ― Julia Child {ads1}After graduating from Temple University in the summer of 2012, I couldn’t wait to step out of the library and into an office. Preferably, it’d be one with an open layout and fabulous people traipsing around — but, you know, I wasn’t picky. Soon after graduation, I got my big break: I was a social media manager for an online pet-supply company in New York City. While it wasn’t as glamorous as I’d (naively) imagined, it was in my dream city, and I was grateful. For the next two years, I worked tirelessly, learning everything I... Read more

Baltic Sea Mystery similar to Mystery of Everyman’s Way

Mysterious, Sunday, July 1st 2012

Baltic Sea Mystery similar to Mystery of Everyman’s Way

There was a strange object discovered in the summer of 2011 by a group of Swedish treasure hunters from an ocean explorer team from Sweden.  Quite recently, this Ocean X Team conducted a second expedition to the circle-shaped object in the Baltic Sea and found something they have never experienced before. First they thought it was just stone or a rock cliff, but after further observations the object appeared more as a huge mushroom, rising 3-4 meters/10-13 feet from the seabed, with rounded sides and rugged edges. The object had an egg shaped hole leading into it from the top, as an opening. On top of the object they also found strange stone circle formations, almost looking like small fireplaces. The stones were covered in something resembling soot. “During my 20-year... Read more

How Much Energy Does The Super Bowl Use?

Science, Saturday, June 20th 2015

In the pantheon of American culture, no event is more iconic and distinctly American than the Super Bowl. Like all things American, the Super Bowl is huge, expensive, and a source of incredible passion for fans. Just running a 30-second commercial to the more than 100 million people that watch the game costs nearly $5 million. So how much electricity and energy go into putting on the Super Bowl? {ads1}There are lots of components here, but the biggest indisputable three are TVs used to watch the game, lighting and possibly climate control in a stadium, and fuel used in traveling to the game (by car or plane). Worldwide, roughly 30 million televisions watched the five-hour extravaganza, assuming a little over five people per Super Bowl party. The average TV uses around 100 watt-hours.... Read more

Microsoft Video Promotes Windows 10 Free Apps

Technology, Monday, July 27th 2015

Microsoft Video Promotes Windows 10 Free Apps

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10: Groove Music, Maps, Video, Calendar and more Windows 10 comes with new versions of the built-in Photos, Music or Groove, Maps, Movies and TV. {ads1}Microsoft is betting users will like the new versions when Windows 10 ships on July 29, 2015 at no cost to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  The upgrade is not automatic: you have to register for it. Users who don’t get a free upgrade have licenses for Enterprise versions of Windows 8.1, XP, Vista and pirate copies, although those licenses could be on the Windows 10 Beta program. I’m betting Windows 10 will be popular but not without a few hiccups. Three of my computers will be upgraded right away. One will stay on Windows 8.1 until the drivers are tested. Here’s... Read more

Kanishq Verma from Doha, Qatar wins Peace Builder of the Year Award …

Teens, Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Kanishq Verma from Doha, Qatar wins Peace Builder of the Year Award

“In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability” – Bertrand Piccard In this quote, it is clear that Piccard is referring to today’s generation. I personally believe that the youth of today have the perfect opportunity to improve the quality of life not only for themselves and their own families but for all people, especially the most impoverished and introduce more sustainability! Some youth are learning how to fight poverty and bring about a sustainable way of life for others. A perfect example of a youth who is making a great difference in his local community is Kanishq Verma from Doha, Qatar. As a grade 10 student, Kanishq is not only improving the lives... Read more

Getting to Orlando: wings, wheels and ankles

Travel, Tuesday, July 7th 2015

Getting to Orlando: wings, wheels and ankles

Over 62 million people visited Orlando, Florida last year--making it the most visited destination in the US, surpassing even New York City or Las Vegas. Amongst the travellers to the central Florida hotspot are thousands upon thousands of Canadians who make the journey south to discover all that Orlando has to offer. There’s more than one way to make it down to the Sunshine State from often-not-so-sunny Canada. We’ve covered three options ranging from quick and efficient to safe adventure to downright epic. By plane A number of airlines serve every major Canadian city with flights to and from Orlando. While flying out of Vancouver could take anywhere from 7.5 - 11 hours with a connection, the most direct flights to Orlando originate from Toronto and take less than three hours. The cost of... Read more

Riot/Rebellion at Mafundi Auditorium (Los Angeles, CA)

What's On, Monday, July 27th 2015

 Riot/Rebellion at Mafundi Auditorium (Los Angeles, CA)

Riot/Rebellion: Drama From Watts-Based Theater Co. Explores '65 Riots Mafundi Auditorium (Los Angeles, CA) Created with the goal of preserving community memory and making the history more accessible, Riot/Rebellion is a captivating dramatic investigation of the 1965 Watts riots, one of the nation's most significant acts of civil unrest. Based on Read more

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Would Drishyam be the third blockbuster in July

Masala, Monday, July 27th 2015

July has brought mammoth success to Bollywood with S S Rajamouli's Bahubali and Kabir Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan. There is a third biggie Nishikant Kamat's Drishyam lurking around the corner. Does Kamat see the success of Bahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan as a good sign for his film? "It is absolutely a terrific sign. It means people have found a reason to return to movie theatres for two consecutive films. A positive atmosphere is created among movie-going section of the audience. Now all I need to do is sustain the momentum by giving them another content-driven film." {ads1}Kamat is sure that Drishyam would connect with every section of the audience. "It's all about the preservation of the family. Who doesn't believe in family values and their preservation at any cost?" Kamat feels he has an added responsibility... Read more


Hollywood Gossip, Saturday, July 25th 2015


{ads1}One can’t help but compare the very attractive Orange is the New Blacksensation Ruby Rose with the equally appealing and boyish Jenny Shimizu. Australian Ruby has straight women half-joking that they’d go gay for her, and Jenny famously had flings with Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Both Jenny and Ruby are Lesbian icons with much in common. Ruby, 29, was photographed above playing soccer at an LA park with a gaggle of gal pals. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Click HERE to read more from Janet Charlton Read more

Movie Review Ant-Man

Reviews, Saturday, July 25th 2015

{ads1}Size does not matter, unlike the hulking superheroes we see on screen this week the audience is treated to a pint sized rather (ant sized) hero in the form of ANT-MAN, who can do most, if not everything, that other superheroes can do. But will the miniature superhero work with the Indian audience who are accustomed to seeing larger than life heroes portrayed on screen, is what we analyze. ANT-MAN follows the life of well-meaning thief Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) who moves in with his old cellmate Luis (Michael Pena). Simultaneously, Lang's ex-wife, Maggie (Judy Greer) now engaged to policeman Paxton (Bobby Cannavale) agrees to let Lang see his daughter Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) if he provides child support. However, unable to hold a job due to his criminal... Read more

Movie Preview Masaan

Previews, Thursday, July 23rd 2015

Characters: Vicky Kaushal: Deepak Chaudhary Deepak is a 25-year old boy from a Dom family, who burn dead bodies on the ghats of Benares. He is studying civil engineering and also helps out his family too in their work...though he wants to get out of it. Richa Chadha: Devi Pathak Devi is a 24 year-old girl working as a receptionist cum counselor in a coaching center. As girls of her age would be, she's also curious about relationships and sex...unfortunately she gets embroiled in a controversy leading from her desires. Shweta Tripathi: Shaalu Gupta Shaalu is an upper-caste beautiful, honest and confident girl. She loves poetry and has a natural charm. She has fallen in love with Deepak...without thinking of the consequences. {ads1}Sanjay Mishra: Vidyadhar Pathak An ex-professor of Sanskrit, Vidyadhar Pathak is a 52-year old Pandit selling... Read more

How a Canadian U2 Tribute Band Got Onstage With the Real Thing Read …

Mainstream, Wednesday, July 8th 2015

How a Canadian U2 Tribute Band Got Onstage With the Real Thing Read

{ads1}“I performed in front of 20,000 people last night on the biggest stage in Toronto,” says Bono impersonator Gabriel Pate. “How do you top that?” By Andy Greene, RollingStone As we reported earlier, Bono invited the Toronto U2 tribute band Acrobat onstage Monday night to perform “Desire” during a show at the Air Canada Center. Acrobat frontman Gabriel Pate gave us all the details on meeting Bono, getting onstage and dueling harmonicas. Here’s his story in his own words: I’ve been doing the U2 tribute thing for close to 15 years. I had another band in Toronto called October many years back, but Acrobat formed about three years ago. The bass player Mark is a good friend of mine from before this U2 tribute stuff. We always had different projects going, but one... Read more

Music Review Drishyam

Music :: Filmi, Monday, July 27th 2015

EXPECTATIONS It was in fact surprising to see a dedicated soundtrack for Drishyam. Since the film is a gritty drama, I couldn't really foresee how music could be fitted in there. However, the Ajay Devgn starrer actually has a few songs composed by Vishal Bhardwaj with Gulzar as the lyricist. This sets expectations for a situational soundtrack. MUSIC Rekha Bhardwaj's voice is heard right at the beginning of the soundtrack and she pairs up with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to sing along 'Dum Ghutta Hai'. A song about a sad and depressing situation in the film where the protagonists are going through trying times and wondering how there tomorrow would look like, considering the fact that their present is in turmoil, 'Dum Ghutta Hai' moves at a slow pace with some heavy duty... Read more

Song of Lahore enters into Tribeca Film Festival 2015

Local South Asians, Thursday, March 5th 2015

Song of Lahore enters into Tribeca Film Festival 2015

A documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Andy Schocken “Song of Lahore”, on the acclaimed Sachal Studios has been selected for the World Documentary Feature Competition at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. “Song of Lahore” is a documentary which focuses on the music community of Lahore, which until the late 1970s, was world-renowned for its music and talent. {ads1}The only Pakistani entry from the 12 international documentaries selected for the prize. The documentary film is in contention for the following awards: Best Documentary Feature, Best New Documentary Director and Best Documentary Editing at the acclaimed film festival. This time the documentary is selected in 14th annual Tribeca Film Festival. The festival will take place from April 15 - 26, 2015 at locations throughout downtown Manhattan - New York. The documentary focuses on the... Read more

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More Job Losses Coming To U.S. Shale

Economy, Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

More Job Losses Coming To U.S. Shale

{ads1}With the recently concluded nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 countries, oil prices have already started heading downward on sentiments that Iran's crude oil supply would further contribute to the already rising global supply glut. The economic crisis in Greece, OPEC's high production levels and China's market turmoil have created more pressure on oil prices, making a price rebound look highly unlikely in the near future. So, with the prices of both Brent and WTI moving towards $50 per barrel,... Read more

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Oil Market Swindle

Markets, Wednesday, July 15th 2015

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Oil Market Swindle

In the past, I documented the overstatements by both the IEA and EIA in 2014 & 2015 in terms of supply, inventory and understatements of demand. Others also noticed these distortions and, whether intentional or not, they exist and they are very large in dollar terms. These distortions, which are affecting price through media hype and/or direct/indirect price manipulation, are quite possibly the largest in financial history. {ads1}Putting numbers behind it, with worldwide production running some 95 million barrels per day,... Read more

The Salt Secret of Pakistan

Local Bazaar, Thursday, June 25th 2015

The Salt Secret of Pakistan

I hope the weather is treating you well. Hey, over 45°c is just too much, don't you think so? Anyway, I visited the salt secret a couple of weeks ago and it was certainly an unforgettable experience. I was completely frustrated and tired due to my exams. Hence, I had to relax my mind, so I went for a relaxing therapy. The therapy that I took was of 45 minutes and it was incredible. The hostess who invited me, welcomed... Read more

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