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This article was last updated on November 24, 2023

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Platform X Faces Backlash

More and more Dutch companies have decided to stop advertising on platform X due to its association with hate speech and controversial content.

The platform, under the ownership of Elon Musk, came into the spotlight following a report by Media Matters, a non-profit organization that monitors companies for hate speech. The report revealed that ads from major companies were being displayed alongside anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi messages on the platform.

This led to significant backlash and withdrawal of advertising partnerships from major global companies such as IBM, Comcast, Apple, and the European Commission. Elon Musk also faced criticism over an anti-Semitic tweet he endorsed, further escalating the situation.

Despite Musk’s legal actions against Media Matters, Dutch companies are choosing to follow suit and are reluctant to continue advertising on the platform. The Dutch Lottery has decided to halt its advertisements, citing concerns about being associated with sensitive topics. While it’s currently on pause, the company has not confirmed whether it will resume advertising on X in the future.

Previous Actions and Current Measures

The Dutch Lottery is among the latest in a series of companies taking a stand against X. Online store ceased advertising on the platform following its acquisition by Musk, expressing its reluctance to be associated with X due to the platform’s inadequate efforts to filter out offensive content. The last message from on the platform dates back to July of this year.

VodafoneZiggo has implemented ‘safety controls’ to monitor the placement of advertisements and ensure they are not displayed alongside hateful content. The company is still assessing the suitability of X for advertising going forward.

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