Toronto TSX Technical Stock Trading Alerts for December 1, 2010

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Toronto TSX Technical Stock Trading Alerts for December 1, 2010  

Alert Criteria: Stocks (TSX); Classic Patterns; Any Opportunity Type (Bullish, Bearish or Other).
SymbolExchangeNameEventClose at EventTarget Price RangeOpportunity Type
ANV.TOTSXAllied Nevada Gold CorpContinuation Diamond (Bullish)$27.50$32.25 – $33.50Intermediate-Term Bullish
AXR.TOTSXAlexco Resource CorpAscending Continuation Triangle$7.59$8.80 – $9.10Intermediate-Term Bullish
BIR.TOTSXBirchcliff Energy LtdContinuation Wedge (Bearish)$9.73$7.40 – $7.80Intermediate-Term Bearish
BXI.TOTSXBioexx Specialty Proteins LtdSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$2.59$3.15 – $3.30Intermediate-Term Bullish
CEF.A.TOTSXCentral Fund of Canada LtdAscending Continuation Triangle$19.78$20.90 – $21.30Short-Term Bullish
CMP.UN.TOTSXCMP Gold TrustFlag (Bullish)$14.21$15.60 – $16.00Short-Term Bullish
CMW.TOTSXClaymore S&P TSX Global Mining ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$23.85$25.40 – $25.80Short-Term Bullish
CZN.TOTSXCanadian Zinc CorpTop Triangle$0.62$0.40 – $0.44Intermediate-Term Bearish
DEE.TOTSXDelphi Energy CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$2.23$1.79 – $1.87Intermediate-Term Bearish
EPS.TOTSXEpsilon Energy Ltd (Canada)Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$2.71$2.19 – $2.29Intermediate-Term Bearish
FNV.TOTSXFranco Nevada CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$34.36$37.20 – $38.10Intermediate-Term Bullish
GL.TOTSXGolden Peaks Resources LtdBottom Triangle$0.56$0.83 – $0.89Intermediate-Term Bullish
GL.TOTSXGolden Peaks Resources LtdContinuation Wedge (Bullish)$0.56$0.79 – $0.85Intermediate-Term Bullish
GLW.TOTSXGold Wheaton Gold CorpAscending Continuation Triangle$4.28$4.95 – $5.10Short-Term Bullish
GVX.TOTSXGrandview Gold IncContinuation Diamond (Bearish)$0.07$0.01 – $0.03Long-Term Bearish
HDU.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro US Dollar Bull Plus FundDiamond Bottom$18.25$19.50 – $19.80Intermediate-Term Bullish
HGD.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Gold Bear Plus ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$9.23$8.00 – $8.30Short-Term Bearish
HGU.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Gold Bull Plus ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$17.65$19.40 – $20.00Short-Term Bullish
HIG.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Gold Inverse ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$10.39$9.70 – $9.85Short-Term Bearish
HMU.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Bull Plus ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$18.86$21.60 – $22.30Short-Term Bullish
HXD.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Bear Plus ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$9.89$9.00 – $9.15Short-Term Bearish
HXU.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Bull Plus ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$20.46$21.90 – $22.30Short-Term Bullish
HZD.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETFSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$3.40$2.30 – $2.50Short-Term Bearish
ISA.TOTSXIsotechnika Pharma IncDescending Continuation Triangle$0.24$0.16 – $0.18Intermediate-Term Bearish
LUN.TOTSXLundin Mining CorpContinuation Wedge (Bullish)$6.61$7.45 – $7.65Short-Term Bullish
NAE.UN.TOTSXNAL Oil & Gas TrustDouble Top$12.02$11.20 – $11.35Intermediate-Term Bearish
NDM.TOTSXNorthern Dynasty Minerals LtdContinuation Diamond (Bullish)$9.22$12.40 – $13.20Long-Term Bullish
NGX.TOTSXNorthgate Minerals CorpContinuation Diamond (Bullish)$3.07$4.20 – $4.40Long-Term Bullish
NGX.TOTSXNorthgate Minerals CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$3.07$3.80 – $4.00Intermediate-Term Bullish
NIF.UN.TOTSXNoranda Income FundSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$4.89$5.50 – $5.65Short-Term Bullish
NNN.TOTSXNiMin Energy CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$1.45$1.62 – $1.66Intermediate-Term Bullish
OEX.TOTSXOrleans Energy LtdSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$2.11$1.71 – $1.79Intermediate-Term Bearish
OSI.TOTSXOSI Geospatial IncSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$0.26$0.36 – $0.38Intermediate-Term Bullish
PBU.UN.TOTSXPrecious Metals Bullion TrustSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$15.49$16.60 – $16.80Short-Term Bullish
RBS.TOTSXR Split III CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$12.98$18.50 – $19.50Long-Term Bullish
RY.PR.G.TOTSXRoyal Bank of CanadaFlag (Bearish)$22.29$21.30 – $21.50Short-Term Bearish
SLW.TOTSXSilver Wheaton CorpAscending Continuation Triangle$37.90$41.75 – $43.00Short-Term Bullish
SMF.TOTSXSemafo IncSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$12.40$14.50 – $14.90Short-Term Bullish
SVM.TOTSXSilvercorp Metals IncSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$12.57$15.40 – $16.00Short-Term Bullish
SVR.UN.TOTSXClaymore Silver Bullion TrustSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$16.48$18.60 – $19.00Short-Term Bullish
VG.TOTSXVG Gold CorpUpside Breakout$0.85$0.92 – $0.96Intermediate-Term Bullish
VGZ.TOTSXVista Gold CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$2.95$3.60 – $3.75Short-Term Bullish
WIN.TOTSXWi-Lan IncFlag (Bearish)$4.48$3.50 – $3.70Short-Term Bearish
X.TOTSXTMX Group IncSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$35.21$37.30 – $37.80Intermediate-Term Bullish
XCG.TOTSXiShares CDN Dow Jones Canada Select Growth Index FundSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$24.86$25.60 – $25.80Short-Term Bullish
XG.TOTSXExtorre Gold Mines LtdSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$6.79$7.05 – $7.20Short-Term Bullish
XGD.TOTSXiShares CDN Gold Sector IndexSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$26.16$27.50 – $27.90Short-Term Bullish

(W) denotes a weekly event.
(M) denotes a monthly event.
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