Why Donald Trump Loves The National Enquirer And It Loves Him Back!

The Russians weren’t the only ones scheming to manipulate presidential campaign results and put Donald Trump in office. Trump’s close buddy David Pecker, CEO of American Media, who owns National Enquirer, did his VERY BEST to get his pal elected. Our former boss! (Pecker flies to Florida on Trump’s jet.) We were particularly appalled by this deviously photoshopped cover of Hillary Clinton with a frightening list of unsubstantiated medical issues indicating she was at death’s door! This was printed not long after Donald Trump declared her physically unfit for the job of President. During the primaries, the Enquirer lambasted Trump’s opponents Ted Cruz with claims of extramarital cheating, they targeted Jeb Bush for doing cocaine in the ‘80s, and accused Ben Carson of crippling surgical patients for life! Trump was very conspicuously spared of ANY negative press. The Enquirer claims their stories (lies?) during the election, upped circulation by 12%. Consider yourself warned: Our President is in bed with The National Enquirer!

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