Richard Simmons: The Mystery Deepens

Richard Simmons’ exercise studio closed last year – he hadn’t taught a class for almost three years – and hasn’t been SEEN for that long. At one time it was the most famous aerobics classroom in the world. It made Simmons rich and famous – his workout videos raked in loads of money and celebrities flocked to his studio. What happened? One day the loud and outgoing Simmons suddenly locked himself in his house and refused to be seen. His “housekeeper” Teresa does his errands in his Range Rover and carries a Vuitton handbag. The Enquirer speculated that Richard was having a sex change, and WAS going out, disguised as a woman. But we fear it’s more serious than that. Teresa called 911 and he was briefly hospitalized in June. No explanation to speak of. Is he bi-polar and currently depressed? That would explain his occasional high octane-exuberance. It’s a real Hollywood mystery. Meanwhile Dancing with the Stars’ Kym Herjavec (she married well!) is taking over the space and opening her first dance studio.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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