Gregg Allman Cher had the filthiest mouth in show business!

Cher’s exhusband Gregg Allman has written a book (“My Cross to Bear”) and judging from what he reveals, he and Cher aren’t that friendly any more. When they met in 1973, The Allman Brothers were a pretty big deal and hard-core heroin addicts, but Cher had barely heard of them. Gregg said Cher had “the filthiest mouth in show business” and his band “didn’t know what to think of her.”

He managed to conceal his drug use until after they were married (SHE proposed and flew him to Las Vegas.) He hated the fact that whenever they wanted to go out for a quiet dinner there would be 35 photographers waiting for them outside the restaurant. (He implied that SHE alerted them.) The last straw about their relationship was about the music – Allman was glad Cher never asked him what hethought of her singing because “she’s NOT a very good singer.

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