Men charged over paid sex scandal return to court

Three men who were charged by the court for having paid sex with an underage girl on April 16 returned to the court on Monday to get a date for the recovery conference.

Kelvin Peck Yong Li, aging 21, Pyi Kyaw Han aging 31, and Koh Zi Yang, aging 29 were the criminals accused of the crime who appeared before the court on Monday with their lawyers and are expected to once again come to the hearing of the case on June 11. The three are the first to be charged amongst the 44 men who were accused of having paid sex with an underage girl.

According to some changes made to the nature of the case, the underage girl offering sexual services to the accused men has now been mentioned with name in the case. Whereas, originally her name and identity was kept hidden during the course of the trial. With the name of the minor springing up in the court, the prosecution laid a special request before the court to provide the girl with appropriate security as her identity is now revealed and her life could be in danger.

The court was provided with the evidence of the three accused men to be having commercial sexual relationship. If the three are declared guilty in the case, 48 other men charged with the crime will also be given punishment and/or fined.

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