Courtney Love wants to prove she’s a better artist than her daughter Frances Cobain

We can just IMAGINE Frances Cobain’s face when she learned that her mother Courtney Love is having an art show! Two years ago Frances had a very successful art exhibit at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and she used the fake name Fiddle Tim, instead of promoting her real self. Her somewhat gruesome charcoal drawings were well received and sold out. We’re thinking her estranged mother Courtney must have figured “If she can to it, so can I.” So Courtney is having her OWN gallery show in New York called “And She’s Not Even Pretty” and it opens May 3. Her drawings are in pencil, pastels, and watercolor, and there is a slight resemblance to her daughter’s more intense work. Courtney says if they SELL, she’ll do it again! Really, Courtney, MUST you compete with your daughter? #courtneylove #francescobain

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